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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

yo people...ha
long time never write le...always feel so nostalgic in this time of the day...where i really can sit down and do reflections..while listening to songs..ha..sound so old...omg..ha
anw the whole main point is..ya...really very cool that we're once again gathered with mrs neo..the feeling is super ncie and qin qie...i wouldn't want to ever lose contact with u guys...esp ya..we have all different directions in future which i've found out during our chit chat session..ya.super scared we'll lose contact just like that...ha
so ya..hope that through this blog...we'll stay connected...
art 04 batch rocks...
rock on guys!!hee
have many great days ahead!:)

10:03 PM

Saturday, January 28, 2006

WHO WANT GO WITH ME!! Posted by Picasa

10:57 PM

okie... so its cny eve... and i went shopping for clothes again!! okie so i bought 2 skirts... there was this dress... but i thought nvm... i wont be able to wear it often... like how often do i get to go to wedding dinners... ppl that i know are either married or too young to get married... so skirts was better... and i bought 2... which was less than 1 dress... haha... so it was more wu hua... and mix and match i would get more than 2 outfits... haha... okie thats it... and i can wear for work!!! blah... i'm just telling myself to stop thinking of the dress...

anyway... i also bought ingredients for a cake for our gathering... SO... we have to settle for a day fast!!! its already new year's eve and we still dont know when... come on... chu san..? unless you all plan not to meet... then the cake could go to my relatives... so... yeah... make up your mind!!

oh... and does anybody wanna go to sentosa flower fest? i wanna go take photos... got competition... we can all sweep the prizes!! hahaha...

2:06 PM

Friday, January 27, 2006

i can find neither a dress nor a cheongsam... pissed off... maybe i should look for more skirts... and the tagboard is down...

8:05 PM

Thursday, January 26, 2006

no wonder melody nv receive any emails.. all the mural boards tingy were sent to melan_tea@hotmail.com... okay latest email for those who may not see it... vvv messy la.. so i just paste here.. heh.. ^^;;

From :

Sent :

Thursday, January 26, 2006 4:12 AM
To :
Heng Swee Kiang , melan_tea@hotmail.com, mistywulf@hotmail.com, ongminghui@hotmail.com, wooyingtong@hotmail.com, aug27_wen1987@yahoo.com
CC :
Chee_Ming_LIM@imh.com.sg, Janet_QUEK@imh.com.sg, IMH-FPD@nhg.com.sg, Daniel_FUNG@imh.com.sg, Kim_Seck_YEO@imh.com.sg, Mei_See_Ting@imh.com.sg
Subject :
Fw: CGC mural - preliminary ideas

Dear Swee Kiang & TJCians,

I apologise for not being able to meet you up yesterday evening as I was really busy finishing up some urgent tasks.

I am glad you have had a fruitful discussion time yesterday. A pity I missed Swee Kiang's sharing about his 'dragon' mural. Sounds impressive... must see it next time. I am sure he has given lots of valuable comments for the preliminary designs for CGC-HPB mural too.

As spoken, you can expand on the 'udw' idea. The 2 child psychiatrists heads have given their approvals for this round of preliminary design proposal.

My comments :

  • Be careful of blank spaces when you enlarge the drawing to fit actual wall size. Work on details. Eg, can try using lines, dots, shapes, shades, etc to create different effects, so that picture compositon would not appear so flat.
  • Probably can introduce some more new elements to create complexity?
  • Work on relationship between the animals and their surroundings.
  • Bubbles seem to be 1 group of important element here... besides encircling the animals' heads, what interesting things can they perform? Beautiful patterns? Bubble within bubbles idea that transports one into a dreamland?
  • Are you keeping with the current style of drawing, i.e. cartoonish style? Make it semi-abstract? (Swee Kiang, you were sharing with me about your idea of injecting chinese painting style, right?)
  • Come out with colour scheme

Overall, I think it was a good start!
It is heartening to hear that you are very passionate about this job.
I really hope to meet up with you soon to discuss about the mural and anything about art or psychiatry or IMH!
(As I do not have the email addresses of all the students, pls help me disseminate to them.)
Ps: I've got little arty gifts for all of you from bkk... hee...


----- Forwarded by Rachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG on 01/26/06 11:01 AM -----
----- Forwarded by Daniel FUNG/PSYC/IMH/NHG on 01/25/2006 06:30 PM -----

Dear Rachel

I am ok with the designs....but let's get Dr Cai's approval...Dr Cai: Any preference? I think the underwater one is cute but your call

Your time line is ok

DanielRachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG Rachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG 01/24/2006 06:10 PM To Daniel FUNG/PSYC/IMH/NHG@NHG, Kim Seck YEO/AS/IMH/NHG@NHG, Mei See TING/CC/IMH/NHG@NHG, Tenny CHOW/MMD/IMH/NHG@NHG cc Chee Ming LIM/FPD/IMH/NHG@NHG, Janet QUEK/FPD/IMH/NHG@NHG, IMH-FPD, Helena Tan/SS/IMH/NHG@NHG Subject CGC mural - preliminary ideas

Dear Dr Daniel & Kim Seck,

The art students from TJC has submitted their 1st design proposals (files 'asb', 'asb 1' & 'udw'), concept write-ups and cost estimate. Please view submission via link below:

S:\Common\Facilities Planning & Development\CGC Mural\TJC art students

I find the design of 'udw' has got more potential. The idea of giving a twist to the underwater world is refreshing. It transport one into a dream-like world of a child where land animals can exist underwater.
Ideas are at preliminary stage. If you have no objection, I will ask the students to develop the 'udw' design.
Appreciate your reply by tomorrow (25/1/06) afternoon if possible. I would be meeting the art students and art teacher tomorrow evening at TJC.

Mei See:- Keeping you in the loop... If this job is well done, we could engage the students to produce more murals in IMH compound, as part of our effort to destigmatize IMH's image. The students would also be happy and proud to 'own a space' at IMH. It's a good way for us to indirectly exposing their young minds to mental health and mental institution too.
Tenny:- We have dicussed about the possibility of engaging the students without going through 3 quotes (for all commercial projects) as we hope to treat the job like a community project.


7:56 PM

Monday, January 23, 2006

yeah... this is the kind of shirt i talking about... but the ruffles not so much lah... like at chest area only... Posted by Picasa

7:02 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2006

oh my goodness... too many things to buy and too little money... i have yet to finish my shopping!!! still need to buy clothes to go to work!!! need to buy a BLACK shirt... and a white one too... those that have ruffles at the chest area... hehehe... things that wj dont want to even try... haha... i need to get my new skirt altered too... a bit too long i think... well... yeah... i still have yet to find my cheongsam... i think if i cant find a suitable one... i'll just settle with a dress... well... perhaps its more wu hua coz P(no. of times wearing dress > no. of times wearing cheongsam) = 99.99% haha... even though i still want my cheongsam badly... we'll just see if OG has things to offer... and to those working... i think metro has lots of working clothes... go take a look... quite affordable too...

WE HAVE YET TO DECIDE WHEN TO GO TOWKAY'S PLACE!!! *gasps* we have to settle it quickly!! everybody has to come okie... so i think better not set it on a non holiday... we MUST get ys to come... i havent pass her the ripcurl bag too... its like still in my house... so must quickly settle... then we go towkay's place and bai nian... i suggest chu san actually... coz after all its the day thats extra from all other years... which might mean greater chance right? like my family always fix chu yi chu er... or perhaps we can meet afternoon or evening... like a shorter period... then we just meet for a while... okie? must come... we have yet to drink our MUSCAT!!! i'm craving for it liew!!

i'm going shopping next friday... anybody wants to join me? i have half day... and i'm planning to go both OG and metro... just that i dont know which area offers both OG and metro to me... i suppose orchard's the only one...

10:35 PM

Friday, January 20, 2006

okay.. i'm so dead now X__X

i shrink it so dun worry its not pixellated.. lol..

btw.. the bus is obviously stolen from magic school bus =x i edited it and made it longer so as to accommodate 2 more animals.. ^_^;;

comments?! oh well i K.O. liao.. nite.. X___X

1:24 AM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

hey i did some editing...no it's not supposed to fly into the mouth, is got a net...get a new pic of the net ba...i drew to give an idea. might have to clear up all the pixelly pixelly stuff in the animals..ha. jia you jia you~~


11:46 PM

ok...tis sux..i cant upload de pic i dunno y...
here's de link http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2006-1/1136535/mural.jpg

8:01 PM

urm...tis is a rough preview of wat de mural looks like...it doesn't look like it's drawn by us at all...den de additional stuff like coral n seaweed rite..cant really find any gd pics leh...need u guys to provide pics ok...i was thinking wanna print out den draw in den scan again...at de same time can 动手脚 to de pics...

7:55 PM

Though i like my job; but only if i can report to work everyday and realise my dream of being an office boy and wearing office wear. oh well...xian mu you all got your own desk & own working hours.

thought of the day: life's miserable without adobe photoshop -_-

12:13 AM

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

wa...how am i going to survive today man..yesterday had four lessons in a straight row...noti class after another...tsk tsk...till today i had a bad cough and a sore throat..tsk tsk..then was quite happy that i only have two classes today...but who knows!..the other art teacher just sms me and say she's not feeling well...and her periods are after my that two classes!..oh no!which means i'll have four classes like yesterday..yesterday is majority sec ones...the rest can gnd le!..then today is all the gnd sec twos!!argggg...save me!!
how am i going to attarct their attention when i've no voice in the first place?!...ahhh!..now i cough can taste blood...think after today can go and vomit blood le...diaoooo...save me~~~~~~~~~~but i 'll try my best to go for the meeting...-_-

6:56 AM

Sunday, January 15, 2006

mmm... we really need to get set on a meeting spot... and i seriously dont think tj is a good idea in the case of the next meeting on tues... firstly... school closes at about 7+ 8? which means like by the time we all get there and settle down... its gonna be 5+ 6... then we wont have much time to discuss... if lets say ppl want to do research and collate ideas... and... well lets just say we all have a habit to be slightly later then we mean to be..? and if we havent finished by school closes... we have to move somewhere... which means we need more time to settle down... and also decide on where to go when we get chased out... and not forgetting the fact that if we go to the art room... and the teachers have to leave... we will have to leave too... unless you guys want to use art room 2... or the com will be out of bounds then the reason for going to tj would not be valid anymore... (actually was just wondering what kind of research you guys wanna do..? coz well... i thought we're just sketching out some ideas first..? like... by hand..? and i thought we settled on the zoo animals with bubble head thingy) yeah... so unless we are gonna meet a lot earlier than 5+ 6... i dont think tj is a good idea...

lets say since ppl might wanna do research... perhaps mh could bring her laptop? and well... maybe you guys could suggest somewhere more convenient for all of us as an alternative to tj... like considering that we're all gonna come from diff areas to the meeting place... so... yeah... pls list your suggestions!! if its hard to state a specific place... maybe state the area... like town or east or things like that... thanks...

10:47 PM

yo gals! miss lestat spamming here.. hope u guys dun mind!! support me!!!!!
lelong lelong!!! earings.. necklaces.. pendants for sale!! i hope to sell the earings at $5 each.. lol.. anw, prices negotiable ^^;; i've still got more designs so if anyone interested i can upload more.. ^^;; if not i go spam at ebay/yahoo auctions liao.. ahhahaha..
pendant n necklace.. $17

pendant only... price will confirm later if got anyone interested.. ^^;;

1:48 AM

Saturday, January 14, 2006

*waves frantically* at YUESHAN, CHONGWU, YINGTONG & ZIRUI, woohoo?!?!


and that yueshan...haven't even sign in yet!! lol...

my analysis on why they haven't blogged or have been inactive or why they haven't even visited:

YS: too busy serving customers in restaurants work until "bo meh bo jit" = no night no day. so no time to even check her favourite xiaxue or xialanxue reads. either that or all our invitations are filtered to her junk mail and she hasn't read any yet!

ZR: students are driving her up the wall so she forgot how to switch on the computer. next time we go recce might see her at you know that place.

YT: yaoi. period.

CW: too busy preparing for his sister's contest and pa concert and chingay...no time to access computer at all. either that or he also forgot how to switch on computer.

11:27 PM

Friday, January 13, 2006

sigh... i'm in a dilemma now lah... so sian... there's like 2 jobs... one is at chai chee one at sgh... i so much want to get the sgh one... coz i got like free transport and stuff... so convienient somemore... but the agent never contact me again... aHhHHhHh!!! i hope tmr i get a call from her... but also i talk to another agent about the chai chee one already... then she like say you dont spoil my rep leh... later my client scold me if you like the rich girl last time... then i so stressed... but hor... calculations and all... one day's transport and food would cost about 6 bucks liao lor... then one hour's pay gone... then somemore need to deduct cpf leh... 20%... 1 month 1000... then later left 800 after cpf... then after that 120 gone on transport and food... then left 580 only... so sian... like half my pay gone... so sian... aHhHHhHh!!! SO SIAN!!! so i think if i really get to get the job at sgh i will take... hehehe... then my mother say she can help me ask directly from HR... then probably can negotiate pay coz they dont need pay agency anymore hehe... i really really hope i get it... either with or without agent also good... coz got so much benefits... not forgetting the fact that i have a staff benefit card that can let me have discount at like food courts and stuff... hahaha

my mother hor... she keep asking me to go learn stuff... somemore got ask me to go learn like drafting and stuff... like how to tailor clothes that kinda courses... haha... coz she say.. like right now... my pay so little... if i dont work... i dont lose much... then if next time i earn alot of pay or whatever... then i want to stop work i will lugi... haha... so i probably go see if i have part time courses to take... maybe i can go lasalle... they have this cheongsam making course lah... so cool... lol...

but now i so anxious about the job... actually i never work before so i really wanna try working and getting pay then go spend and save the money!!! hahaha... i think i will feel quite happy... coz is i earn the money one...

10:13 PM

ok..i'll sure be late later de...haha.oh well..waiting for the stupid file to be attched to my email...since this lousy school com doesn't allow burning and rewritting of disk....
but i admit my ppt also very big la..waha..i also realise i seem to have the habit of criticising more..adding adjetive in front of nouns..like stupid com la..yada yada...ha.
opps...ha..super sian now lo...argg
but but at least there's something for me to look forward to...my mum's cooking mian xian today!...ha.cos my sis bdae..ha..each year only eat four times lo..damn nice..with a lot lf liao one...wee.excited excited...ha
see ya later guys..cheers

2:18 PM

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Miss Lestat is bored... V.V
rotting in my bro in law's office.. the office is sooo new, its empty.. there's desk, there's com, there's eth for a decent new tiny office but its void of ppl!!! only 3 souls here b4 i stepped in.. so bored.. i'm practically rottin in front of this plasma Dell com.. and the room is reeking of the smell of paint.. or is it paint in the 1st place? i dunno... it just smell toxic~! ackkkk~!!!
anw.. this com is vv new la.. with lotsa anti-virus protection n firewall tingy.. so i cant see wad going on at the tagboard.. =(
lalalala... btw.. anyone of u interested in opening a deviantart account? i wan but hope got some of u all there too.. den i wun be so lonely there..lol.. i need company so i dare to mix ard with the other ppl there.. lol.. YT!!! WHERE ARE U?! WANNA JOIN ME?! keke...

5:28 PM

sigh... i flunked my interview... bleah... i think i was too blur firstly coz i woke up early and also coz of the darn weather... couldnt really understand what i was supposed to do at their little "test" of my admin skills... so in the end i flunked it!!! sounds so much like maths... imagine the scenario... "couldnt understand what the questions were asking when they mention 5% level of significance yada yada... and in the end i flunked the mock exam..." haha... oh well... i kinda brood over it the whole day liao... but i finally enlightened myself when i was in the bus... like i finally got what i was actually supposed to do... haha... its a long story... only mh has heard it and i intend to keep it that way coz i'm too lazy to repeat the story... but anyway... it seems like a high paying job... like 1400!! *gasp* but sigh... dont think i've got a chance... somemore i dont know excel... the other job was like... scanning... haha... if i'm shortlisted... i'll be employed as a "scanner"... like the girl basically told me that i'll only be doing scanning and nothing else... so for 2 months i'll be scanning all their personnel documents... holy shit... but if its like 1000 a month for just scanning i dont mind hehe...

anyway i'm quite sick of getting a job lah... coz its like i run here and there but to no avail... like slowing down liao... losing momentum... i think if by cny i cant find a job i will just sit at home prob wait for agency to help me look and do nothing else... go shopping and find some courses that i can pick up... haha... sounds like a spoilt brat... well i dont care... even my mother says that... she said... "cannot find then go learn something lah!"

dont you all just like the photos of the food..? lol... actually i feel hungry too when i come here... coz it makes me want to eat deep fried icecream and fish and chips with salad again!! like yesterday night i was thinking of it before i went to sleep... and in the end i couldnt sleep coz my stomach keep growling... damn... oh well... anyway yah... its my BIRTHDAY LUNCH... in advance... like nobody else bothered to celebrate with me anyway... but i'm happy enough... wahaha... i was saying if anyone wanted to open a restaurant i could help take pictures for the menu... =D~ and eat at the same time... hehe... i'm gonna get my deep fried icecream again! i dont care!! oh darn... i feel like eating stuffed mushrooms too...

i wanna go shopping!!! like those ppl who like to go shopping have jobs... and those who dont have jobs... dont like to go shopping... help me!! i wanna buy new year clothes!! hehehe... of coz i havent earned money to buy them but i can always do that later... lol... okie i know i like to procrastinate... i still havent found a cheongsam that suits both my age and my budget... like those in mags or whatever have so high ended price tags...

last but not least... (actually i wanted to say i want to end with a bang... but i'm not sure if you guys would think its a bang) you know the pussycat dolls..? yeah the ones that sang "doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" and kk and ivan and whoever was trying really hard to imitate... (actually i quite like one of their songs... i think its "be wit you") okie... now for the main point i wanna make... one of them is melody... like yah... she's called melody... and she's black... black with blonde hair...

5:25 PM

yo!.its me again..mrs neo just called me to look for two missing- in- action books...she ask me to post the books' description here...then u all recall and help find k.hee

one's mrs neo's..its a beigh creamy book with a picture in front..one fo teh charcateristic is that it has holes that the publisher punched..jus for the sake of design..its not binded...jus a nromal regular book..that has semi hard cover..ya

the other's mr heng's book on colours...erm..though its jus lying around the art room's table..oh well..now its gone..

help recover them!..hee..if anything..call back mrs neo..:)

12:01 PM

yo people...now in the staff room do nothing..waiting for school...wonder if i can ever get anythign typed here because my table's so prominent that everyone who walk pass can see what i'm typing..so super no privacy..and guess what...i couldn't open the toilet door!!!sickening code..sickening stubborn door...oh well..so i jus gave up and return to my seat here..cos the staff toilet is the central attraction of th canteen man...and if i go on trying..what'll the students think?..waha..there was this once when i was trying frantically and sudden;y i heard a few boys shouting "TEACHER..COME HELP THAT TEACHER OPEN THE TOILET DOOR!" OMG...super malu la..diao...
got hall talk today..think i'm going to fall asleep again...
oh well..school and students...haven i had enough...ha..wonder whether there'll be a day where i'll actually sulk when i realise my days here are numbered...think it'll be NEVER!..ha.(actually my school not that bad la..compared to zirui's...ha..still dare to complain...oh well...

anyway...welcome back daniel!hee..

6:56 AM

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

whoa sian..when i finally can get into MSN nobody interesting online..bleh. anw @ narita airport now...boarding the flight in 10 min..I wanna go back as much as I wanna stay...so having mixed feelings right now..ha

april shd be able to see sakura ba..though the tourguide say not cfm..depends on weather..ha

cya guys!

2:17 PM

fish and chips!! hehe... Posted by Picasa

11:43 AM

deep-fried ice cream... ooh lala~ Posted by Picasa

11:40 AM


ooh yeah..anyway i watched corpse bride again on the plane..but in japanese! then the songs they sing in jap too lol so farnie. I like the weather here...don't wanna go back to the oven.... If only I can stay in japan...bleh.....

feel like the last day of our perth trip liddat =X

2:07 AM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hello everybody!

heh..greetings from tokyo!
woohoo~....but going back tml le sian..anyway...-->yingtong: i went to the bookstore and there was this whole section on YAOI and SUPER SUPER DUPER explicit de...lol...but all damn ex. :x

super cold...and saw snow! lol...ok...got lotsa pple waiting to use internet in the hotel...have fun everybody!


9:19 PM

Sunday, January 08, 2006

to prevent melody from flooding this blog and turning it into hers.. i shall BLOG!!! heez...
i was spending alot of time on photoshopping stuff... somehow it looks weird leh.. T__T
okay.. the one on the right was the original pic b4 photoshopping.. the one on left looks weird hor... =(
comments comments pls.. on how to improve it.. thanks.. haha ^^;

7:52 PM

Saturday, January 07, 2006

melody's stuffed mushrooms with cheese!!! lol... obviously i'm too bored... Posted by Picasa

2:31 PM

hehe... something i made for my black book... Posted by Picasa

1:47 PM

Friday, January 06, 2006

hey hey... i saw strawberry shortcake at the pasar malam near my house! hehe... i'm gonna get something for our dear towkay... she's been complaining that the strawberry shortcake nowadays are diff from the past... oh well i saw this doll... not exactly like the one it used to be bah... coz its wearing a denim frock... not the kind of pinkish frilly frock and apron... but haha still damn cute... so i've decided to get one for her... that day when i went back to tj... she showed me her new pencil case haha... strawberry shortcake one... she must be reminiscing... "I bought something to make myself happy" haha... so kiddy right... she like zhang bu da... but she still say she wants to find the vintage strawberry shortcake... the one that she liked during her childhood days haha... oh well...

eh guys... when are you gonna write in my black book..? pls write something lah... pls... coz i really want to make it like a compilation of our 2 years together... complete with photographs and your details... and things like contact numbers and stuff... so that i WILL not lose it... hehe... i plan to make it into a very very nice book =) so you all must join in and help make it possible... okie..? =D~

10:33 PM

really? woohoo~ of course wo qing shou xia chu one...lol. jkjk. anyway, how's the text now? i think each letter like got cotton candy behind liddat...ha..but heck la, kan de dao jiu hao. :P

i think the tagboard's down cos cbox.ws e server prob down..wait for a few more hours/days see whether still can work..if cnt jiu suan le. ha..

lol...sk u complain so much. i go tjc already one hour ride le can...=x

anyway, i really cannot tahan the bus fares. it's so ex!!

12:02 AM

Thursday, January 05, 2006

oh my goodness!!! i seriously LOVE THIS!!! haha... i like that picture... i love the colour of the new bg... i love everything!!! hehe... but there's one prob... i cant see the words properly... we have to either bold the text... or maybe put a layer mask onto the bg to soften it a bit..? coz i seriously have prob reading the new post... and i can only see... "i finally return from JB..." yeah... oh and i was just wondering... where's the tagboard..? like the one where we can leave short msgs at the side... okie dont hate me for this... but i know i'm complaining quite a lot... but hey... you guys are those that know the html... hehe... i dont know... if you want to teach me i am more than willing to learn!!! (sounds slightly like my resume) suggestions are for the better!! hehe... oh i nearly forgot... everytime i come to the blog right... after loading for a while... there's this window that says operation timed out when connecting to www2.cbox.ws... and it appears twice on every login... thats probably the tagboard right..? coz i can see the tagboard box... but i cant use it... like there's nothing in there... for me to click and no previous tags

guess what! raffles hotel called me down for interview!!! hehe... and philip security... which btw i just realised that my uncle works there... and he just told me that company very stingy... coz they obviously werent willing to pay me market rate of at least 1000 a month... like come on... and some agent from raffles place recruit express called me about a job in raffles place... hehe... i'm so happy today... quite a good day regarding job finding...

today met ys, jy and pk at orchard... and i finally realise my bday coming... like omg i didnt even notice that its jan already... too busy looking for job... haha... i finally know its true some ppl forget important dates when they're too busy... like in those dramas... haha... anyway... this is NOT a hint... but if you want to read it that way i dont mind... hahaha...

today went shopping with that wj... i think she very fussy... haha... everything also dont like one... and she's like... super different from me... like i seriously like those shirts that have those ruffles in front... almost like a bib kinda stuff... which i think is damn in right now... and those lace and feminine and sleeveless kinda stuff... then she like "i will never wear that"... haha... i pulled out so many shirts that are of those kind and she just condemned them lol... even after i told her that trying on doesnt require payment... she still wasnt convinced... oh well... i saw this nice jacket at u2!!! but its like a washed turqoise... which is quite difficult to match... but i really like it lah!! and its 50% off... still wondering if i should get it... i think it fits my bag actually... white and washed turqoise... I WILL GET IT SOON!! but maybe i should wait for a job confirmation first... should i..?!?!??!?? =
i wanna buy cheongsam... lol... but i want those trendy and more youthful kind... probably try looking in metro... hehe... anyway... i'm gonna print some of the photos to put in my black book... and make it like a photo album + autograph + message book...

10:38 PM

i'm back frm JB..cheers~ haha went there to by working clothes...stuff there really a bargain wo...de food esp...one mac meal is bout $7 but in RM lo..pizza-hut also de same lo half price leh!! den de movie is like $5 on normal days, $3 on tues cos its movie day...so shiok la...alot of stuff there de price tag is same numbers as SG but in RM lo...best of all today was sponsered by my bro haha~~ MH u there?? i saw lots of stuff tat u sure like one wo...got de kind of shoes u lookin for de foldable one only $20 leh...den got loads of graffiti style shirt n bags n billabong stuff too!! i saw lots of super nice caps too!! but my bro say i crazy..wan so many caps for wat so nv buy sigh... haha maybe we shld go there next wk...its like juz a half-hr bus ride frm kranji mrt...urm but before tat is a 1-hr ride frm bedok to jurong east mrt *sianz*..

8:25 PM

finally an original layout belonging to us! and AFv3.0! woohoo~ but if yall don't like just change back to the previous one ba. MH brought v2.1 to liposuction, lol, can see under Archives January 2006.


2:16 AM

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

hey... i went to recruit express at tamp today... again... yah... and like i think the ppl there are all like either ex tjcians or ex dunman ppl or whoever that we've known in these past few years of studying... like i went there on tues... there were like 6 ex dunmanians... then today i went... i bumped into izati and company and also saw yueshan and pk... darn! they got a job before i did... haha... oh well... actually i'm blogging at tj now... coz i was so bored after the interview that i decided to come down to tj to take a look at the teachers... but then again... how much could they have changed... oh well...

tmr have to go down to another branch of recruit express... again... bleah... i hate running here and there for interviews... sobz... my transport fees...

12:47 PM

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ahhhhhh!!!!!! i need a job!!! darn... i hate going down for interviews and in the end its nothing in return!! SOMEMORE NOW IS PAY ADULT FARE!!! ahHHhHh... before i get a job i'd have prob spent half a month's salary on transport getting from one interview to another!! i'm so sad... no job... bleah... my new year wish is to get a job that can let me sit in office and face the com and type stuff and earn 1000 bucks onwards... muahahaha...

btw... has any of you guys burnt the photos into a cd..? i havent know... isit still in the com... and isit the complete set already..?!!

i asked towkay today whether there are new sheep for her to take care of... i dont think she got it... but i said they are sheep coz she always says "meh meh... meh meh..." but she did mention that they'll be about 10 of them... and will tell me more about them after meeting them...


10:33 PM

woohoo~ i finally watched king kong today!! so super 感动...its like damn sad la...though i din cry, almost did..was holding back my tears haha...wj cried..3 times somemore...anyway its super sad....like de way human treat animals like dung...so horrible ah....in de middle part also vry exciting wo where de cast was in de prehistoric forest den keep encountering al sort of danger like dinosaur stampede, carnivours, t-rex, lots of giant bugs n some unknown alien-like life form...de bugs part was damn gross la...imagine a locust enlarged 100 times its size..ewww!! wj n me were squealing like mad during tis whole suspenseful part la. n woah...de graphics damn shen!!! i swear i'm goin to get into 'create' n learn 3D animation..

i watched 'the promise' today too wo...haha its also damn nice...fighting scenes damn cool la...graphics even more cool...i was smiling away like an idiot frm start to end of de show...too happy already le...its juz magnificent, magnificent n more manificent!! hmmmz de story abit sad too but not as sad as king kong la...anyway got one character 无欢 acted by nicholas tse, damn cute la haha..ahh i feel so like a 花痴...aiya but he really vry cute de wo...not to mention he's like de only good looking guy in de whole show...

sigh...listening to kingkong soundtrack now...feel like crying wo *sobz sobz*

10:12 PM

my little contribution to this blog..

lol.. okay.. i've been in hp mood recently.. den found this in deviantart.com .. isnt it cute?! omg.. that artist rox.. she's snapesnogger .. u can go check her gallery out if u wan to.. as her nick suggests.. she's gaga over snape.. lotsa fanart stuff abt him tt's so freaking farnie.. YT ARE U THERE?! anw, ya.. maybe if i'm pro enough i might do stuff lak that n post it here! lol.. omg tt drawing of voldemort is just so freaking cute.. i love lupin but he's not cute leh.. then again he's not exactly cute anw.. Bellatrix is so hot... <3 okay wadeva.. i'm ranting..

1:10 AM

Monday, January 02, 2006

hey come on lor... i not nigao okie... my cousin work at polyclinic also get 7 bucks per hour leh... like that if do 5 day week already 1200 lor... come on... 1000 onwards not high lor!!! haha... anyway... i really miss you guys... i mean like... i think... hey tmr school reopens for the other ppl... then i was thinking... last year... what were we doing and stuff... sigh... I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE ART ROOM AND GET TOGETHER!!!! oh well... nothing much to whine about today... have to start chionging interviews!!! COZ I NEED SHOES, CAMIS, JACKETS, SKIRTS, PANTS, SHIRTS, TOPS, YADAYADA!!! I NEED SHOPPING ALLOWANCE!! its new year soon!!! need new clothes! haha... well new clothes festive season = christmas, cny, and anytime i deem fit... haha... i'm a shopping addict... =D~ oh and my shopping kaki said topshop having half price... hehe... help me keep a lookout for nice white jackets that are not too ex and good for work and play... basically i need a perfect jacket... which would take ages to find i guess...

10:32 PM

aiyah..who go and change the width of the table...then the text look so weird...anyway I change back le. haha...maybe the text liddat like all vv long...but liddat then fit the bg mah..unless wanna change e bg boxes that is..

ha..anyway changed the design abit..haha..added some colour! red and yellow..and pink and green....purple and orange and BLUE. Lol...but if yall think not nice den jus change back to the original pic loh..haha

it's the new year! time for new attitude. yay.

anyway, lol...list longer than mistakes u get for math..ha so funny. anyway..aiyoh you so ing chim how to find job. jus make do lah..no fish prawn also can la. now economy out there got 1000s of pple more qualified than u also cannot find job still hiam..lol..jkjk. go sign up a few job agencies loh...

oh yeah..still owe u money...can funds transfer to ya if ya wan..ha

OMG..u wrote to urban..so cool. lol. aiyah expected one la..it'd be derogatory for them to write 3 for $10 shirts..lol

12:32 AM

Sunday, January 01, 2006

oh gosh... i havent been in here for so damn long... i really like the new design thingy but could you add a shortcut to the create new post thingy..? its so troublesome... in addition to my eternally laggy com... i dont know whats the damned prob with it lah... its just fucking slow... anyway... i NEED A JOB... DARN... those that like asked me for interviews are like those super ulu places like... kallang pudding road... -_- and some shophouse place that has no aircons and only 2 50+ uncles in the office... come on... i want jobs like more than a 1000!!! and dont mention the 1600 job... the stupid agency cheated me... so to hell with it... admin admin!!!! i want to work in offices... haha... shenton way is a good place to go... lol... i nearly got there okie... but that guy never gave me a response lah... i want to freaking go shopping... but hello... i clocked like 400.84 bucks for my hp bill last month... dammit... that sucks... the list of the number of phone calls i had was like even longer than the number of mistakes i get in maths prelims + maths mock exams... and btw... the call rate didnt seem like it was 1.50 per min... coz 1.5 mins was 3.17 dollars and 0.5 mins was like 1.36... i feel so cheated again... i'm gonna go snap up all those post christmas sales that there ever is... like mango and zara and forever21 and whatever the hell... u2 and g2000 and sense and dano for my working clothes... (hopefully the investment wont be wasted)... oh and guess what!!!!!!!!!!! that jerk that owes me the money finally is in sight!!! YES!!! which means i'll be finally able to get my money back... i'm keeping my fingers crossed... DO NOT CURSE ME OR SAY ANYTHING OMNINOUS!! coz i've waited so long for that money... the least i could be rewarded is to get it all back at once... cy... go tokyo must take pictures pictures pictures pictures okie... esp the nicenice scenery... i'm looking for a pair of nice strappy heels... that will take me from board room to broadway... you know the question on urban... the one about i'm 18 and will be having a job yadayada... i ask one... hehe... but the things introduced didnt seem to match my price range... so wth... anyway... plsplspls if you have any job offer that can fit me... plsplspls tell me about it!! i NEED TO EARN MY SHOPPING MONEY! haha... oh well... happy new year... we have to meet up okie!!! WE HAVE TO!! coz you still have yet to write long long touching msgs for me in my black book and you guys still owe me money =x

Nike bag ---> S$3.40
Ripcurl bag ---> S$3.30
liquer muscat ---> $2.90 (including ys) $3.30 (excluding ys)

10:53 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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