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Monday, April 18, 2011



potato-salad sandwiches (sk)
fruits (wj)
liam teh (cooling tea) (wj)
savoury tarts (me)
popsicles frm 7-11 (yt)

we split the picnic into 2 parts coz wj was hungry by the time i got there. she didn't eat breakfast so we had sandwiches and fruits before we cycled.
i think this place is like a private room for our picnic. =)

hoho, we bought the mat (in picture is 1/2 actual size coz we didn't open fully) at ecp in anticipation for more attas picnics

what does my furoshiki hold?!

tuna tart with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and onions

pumpkin and cheese tart with caramalised onions

my share. i suggested to be eco and bring own utensils. in the end everybody else brought disposable. -_-" defeated the purpose.
there you have my semi-attas picnic for all you DETRACTORS! =p
it'll be very attas when i'm super free and have all the time in the world to prepare all the food.
but you guys probably have to wait long long.
like literally.

9:45 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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