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Monday, January 30, 2012

Trying out the iphone blogger app for the first time! Hope this works out!

10:50 PM

Monday, October 31, 2011

i tried lychee beer today!!! its sooooo good! lets buy it for our xmas/cny/picnics/sleepovers whatever gatherings we have next time! they also have honeydew beer. yum~ http://www.ntwbeer.com/

10:57 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i need something to look forward to since work is getting really sian~ its nearing the end of the season and i'm damn tired...

so i've decided to plan the dinner/supper menu for our stayover! yay!
everything listed is what i plan to do but definitely not definite since it really depends on how much energy i have at the end of the season which happens to be around the stayover date.


- tuna, tomatoes and onion tarts ala attas picnic style
- ice cream / frozen yogurt of some sort
- some healthy vege

12:19 AM

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i so want to try it!

11:57 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2011

we had a brunch gathering today!

so we forgot to take pictures again. haha maybe you guys could try to imagine the food which was not bad in general and the dessert was fantabulous! i think you can get some help with the ps cafe menu online =)

PS CAFE - here's what we had today! a bit ex like 40-ish per person but i think i'll definitely be open to going back! like once in a while lah, not so rich also. haha. all in all i think the brunch items we ordered were not bad, the lasagne was very well seasoned imho. mushroom wellington, and chicken in basket were not bad, esp the sauces for chicken in basket! though we got like some bad service when we asked for extra sauce, even though in the end they decided to give us one more serving without extra charge. i actually quite like the ratatouille and was quite glad cw ordered it despite the discouragement from sk (too negative sometimes). actually cw was late and didnt hear the remarks. eggs benedict was just normal and i think so were bacon and eggs. truffle fries was ok lah, coz its just fries and truffle oil. i mean its not like WOW super nice. just nice. the ginger steamed pudding was so good!! =DDDD

btw, i think the most exciting part was this:

guess who!! scroll down to bottom of post for answer! haha

anyway i think i should list down the restaurants/food that i really wanna go try so as to tempt you all into a gathering soon again and with much better attendance. though i think that ppl who dont attend gatherings dont come here hrmmmmm

EVERYTHING WITH FRIES - looks interesting though sk say not nice. by awfully chocolate grp

WILD ROCKET - fusion casual dining restaurant at mt emily! only deterrence is the mountain climbing. but i think its a great way to burn calories haha.

WILD OATS - wild rocket and wild oats are just side by side actually. same owner who also owns relish and burger bench bar at cineleisure. i think its now going to be the only thing i eat at cine when i go for a movie though so far i've only tried 2 burgers and one was good (catfish green curry) while the other was just ok. =)

RELISH - actually i've been here before. the first branch at cluny court for a company xmas. some of my colleagues think its just normal but i really really liked the blue cheese and pear burger featured in the review. very glad that i found that it's also now at serangoon gardens! much easier to go than cluny court and also v near mrs neo's! hehehe.

THE GARDEN SLUG - its actually just at where sk lives now haha. anyway the ribs in the review look so gorgeous!

- its like along tanjong katong road like in the row of shops beside the canadian international sch.

- so now that secret garden (the dessert shop at sculpture sq) has closed during the time i said i wanted to try, its now taken over by artichoke. haha

- hairloom and caramel is actually the shop of my colleague's friend. salon + food + lifestyle shop. the menu doesn't look super exciting but the interior looks so cute!

SPRUCE - a bit hard to go but looks interesting! they get the produce from their own farm!

ORIOLE CAFE - at pan pac suites just beside 313 somerset. omg the beef cheek tagliatelle looks so amazing!

PLATYPUS TEST KITCHEN - i think its totally hard to get to eat at this place coz of the opening hours. but i think the squid ink seafood marinara looks really nice!

SABOTEN - at parco millenia walk. i think this is the best tonkatsu so far in singapore. much better than tampopo too. they have free flow cabbage, rice, miso soup, dressing, green tea, everything except your meat and ice cream. haha. very very nice!

- hohoho look at those pictures! their waguri millefeuille sounds so nice!

THE PATISSIER - according to my colleague, their best seller and original: passionfruit meringue, is very nice and surpasses all the other cakes they offer. =DD

k.ki - k.ki occupies half a lifestyle store at ann siang hill. i've been to the store but havent tried the cakes. so cute, though its again attas pricing lah.

tadaaa if you've read the whole post as you should have, you might have alr forgotten abt this but here's the answer to the owner of the hand in the picture above!

our dearest wenjie is engaged! =) she say "i will invite you all, you all must come hor!"

11:36 PM

Monday, April 18, 2011



potato-salad sandwiches (sk)
fruits (wj)
liam teh (cooling tea) (wj)
savoury tarts (me)
popsicles frm 7-11 (yt)

we split the picnic into 2 parts coz wj was hungry by the time i got there. she didn't eat breakfast so we had sandwiches and fruits before we cycled.
i think this place is like a private room for our picnic. =)

hoho, we bought the mat (in picture is 1/2 actual size coz we didn't open fully) at ecp in anticipation for more attas picnics

what does my furoshiki hold?!

tuna tart with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and onions

pumpkin and cheese tart with caramalised onions

my share. i suggested to be eco and bring own utensils. in the end everybody else brought disposable. -_-" defeated the purpose.
there you have my semi-attas picnic for all you DETRACTORS! =p
it'll be very attas when i'm super free and have all the time in the world to prepare all the food.
but you guys probably have to wait long long.
like literally.

9:45 PM

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hey ppl, check this out!


11:56 AM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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