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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ok! enough of the pseudo art outing stuff! now its time to talk about the REAL art class gathering! yes! i'm gonna discuss with you guys, right here, about the new year visit to neo's place!

lets decide which day we shall visit the neo family! since we have a make-up public holiday given by our dearest gar-wer-men, we have an additional day to the new year long weekend. so... we have 2 choices. we can either visit the neos on Tuesday, 20th February or the Saturday following the CNY which is 24th February. PLEASE VOTE VIA TAGBOARD!

when we a rough decision on which day i shall ask neo about what time we should set the gathering at okie? EVERYBODY HAS TO COME. i'm gonna blacklist ppl who dont come and i wont give them cakes(or tartlets)! HRMPH!

5:46 PM

(Network was down when I wrote this…guess what I did…of cos the smart gal is capable of thinking something new: to write into the newly installed Microsoft word and copy and paste…-_-)
and the smart gal rem her password despite no having blogged here for eons!

we were off to choc foundue on 27th. The so called art outing(which mh insisted it to be called) only comprises of sk, yt, mh and me...but we were glad we have each other...no one was known to be chocoholic.It was a try out session... So, as expected, it was quite a disappointment.

Things that were there:
1) A chef who’s there to cook hot chocolate with milk and choc chips that reminded all of us of Aussie’s choc factory.
2) very very nice tiramisu (my fav dessert) in a mini cup form.

3) Many many delicious looking tarts, and chocolates that looked better than they taste bleah…

4) One fondue machine, together with some pathetic variety of fruits: there’s only water apples, honeydew, pineapple, and marshmallows. Where’s all the strawberries la…grapes la..?Trying to scrimp right u! whose name shall not be mentioned over e blog…

5) Some pudding displayed in different presentations but taste all the same! and cherries used were those preserved kind!

Total conclusion…it was a waste of time and money!
Well. its not Fulleton my dear.

We were all craving for salty food, one of us even suggested that there should be a choc and chicken buffet and it’ll all be perfect.ha. We strolled down Chinatown with the attempt to find dumplings. The feeling was akin to the supper we’ve had after finished painting the mural over at HPB. In the end we settled for dim sum at this ulu restaurant and missed out the place-to-be for dim sum-tian jing lou..
Nonetheless, it was a great supper.

1:48 AM

We were strolling along in search of dumplings we missed over at the Hongkong dim sum café.till, we found some new and interesting things!

1) the gay/lesbian bar!(mh was like:see seee!thats the rainbow flag!)

2) The interplay of shadows of la wei on the red and white canvas..its the rotated indo la wei flag!haa

3) Nice nice tao hua!for people like me to have more more tao hua yun this new year!lol…despo….

4) A shophouse was “decorated” with some patterns projected from the adjacent building. foreground's one signboard which is obviously in need of some maintainance showing a vivid example of direct translation of road signs in Singapore!haa…

1:39 AM

Monday, January 01, 2007


To all artsy fartsians (ok this sounds kinda off, heh), hope you guys have a great year ahead! Du shu de cheng ji jin bu, dang bing de kuai dian ORD, zuo gong de cai yuan gun jin..heh. Let's jia you for 2007!

Just a reminder: we're year 4s now. SIGH.

10:37 PM

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                         Ah Wu


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