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Monday, April 30, 2007

Time for some reminiscing!

11:14 AM

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello my fellow art farts! Today is another post about TJ! =D

TJ is going to set aside a sum of money (I can't remember if its 20k or 200k but I think it's the latter, coz obviously 20k is of not much use!) to refurbish the art blocks which includes the study area, grass patch at the study area and CO and band rooms' block (I hope I didn't miss anything out) and we'll later call it the ARTS HUB. Mr Heng would like us to help out by maybe giving suggestions of designs etc. to the new look of the ARTS HUB. So after the exams, which is next week onwards, we could probably meet up and discuss about some of these things and maybe draft out some sketches etc. As your exams are still ongoing, this post only serves as a notification and more details would be up soon regarding how and what we're going to do! We're trying to get both our batch and other seniors who could help out in various areas. So watch this space for more information!

8:18 PM

Friday, April 20, 2007


Went back to tj last week, and of cos gotta take pictures! And we had a mini feast! Here are the pics...

Sigh..so reminiscent!

Sports Com!

Lao po #2!

Mrs.Neo looks like she's ready for (quoting mel) Girls' Night's out! Like sui shi can go for party liddat, ha.

Mr.Heng said he'd kill me if i uploaded this pic. Whoops~ I think I accidentally uploaded it. Heh

Xian2 liao2 dang1 zhong1...

Omg! The book that pei2 pan3 wo3 throughout my coursework..

nan nu zu jiao. heh heh.

one of the danger areas in school. rmb last time here bound to meet most teachers, OM, mr.tong, or any teacher that you most wanted to siam from..lol

take care people! And good luck to those taking their exams! Jia you~

11:41 PM

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Help me vote! Help me vote!!

Well dearies, I'm trying to enter this small photography thingum among food blogs. Not that I'm holding my hopes high on winning any title but I still wanna give the best that I've got. Hee... so help me out and choose one as your favourite! ^^ Thanks!

10:37 PM

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                         Ah Wu


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