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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey hey people! It's the time of the month again! Ok, as in DMBLGIT time of the month not the you-know-what time of the month. So once again, in true evinrude style, I have failed to come to a fast, clear conclusion about what to send! Pls help me!I don't have much time!! It's due tmr! And I don't wanna be last min! 助け手!






10:04 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everyone go read Deathly Hallows!

Ha ok, just find it kinda fun to get in the HP craze. Well, it's the last book afterall, feeling abit sad. I guess art people don't really read HP right? I know sk and ivan does, the rest...?

Anyway, I'm up for discussion if anybody already finished it!

For those who have read Half-Blood but already forgotten its storyline, check this out. It's great for a quick recap.

And those ready for spoilers, heh, you have a half-completed chapter summary here. And a podcast here.

Let me know what yall feel!

Ha, if I was only that serious in Math and Chem. Or should I say, Arithmancy and Potions. Lol

8:53 PM

Just some photos that I took during the mural painting process. There are others, but I didn't upload all of them to Flickr coz of the lousy quality. Not that these are very good, but though some of these are out of focus I quite like it as a whole. =) Click for larger image!

2:05 AM

Friday, July 06, 2007

orite..i think i'd better post here so its easier to refer
On with our Fund-Raising Scheme! yay!

First off..
selling cute stuff...

More can be found here --> http://www.cute-plush.com/

More cute stuff..but easier to make...

It's done with sculpty clay and acrylic paint...i played with sculpty clay before...quite easy to manipulate n it's mess-n-stink free..
More can be found here --> http://queenofdorks.deviantart.com/

Even more cute stuff...
sorry ah...but i think cute stuff attracts more ppl to buy...esp girls...

It's crochet...according to mel...its called amigurumi
so super kawaii....i wanna make...ok...i got smth for xmas presents liao hahaha
More here --> http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5046413

Ok...maybe amigurumi is abit too ambitious...erm...smth simpler...cookies?

Do-able rite? i nv bake before wo....*looks to mel*

Ok...end of my brainstormin session...u guys decide wat to make ba....

Disclaimer: (i dun wanna get sued by wateva **** copyright laws in ******* sg) *grumbles*
i hereby declare that all above materials do not belong to me and are only for my personal, non-commercial use. If i have infringed copyrights of any of the above material, i'll gladly remove them upon notice.

12:01 PM

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A lesson on a normal day..in a noraml p school

A discussion was carried out to let students realise the importance of water for s*cial studies..
(decode: TTG= teacher the Great, BTC= Brat of The Century)

TTG: What are the uses of water?
BTC: SPA, facials, flushing in the toilet and bathing (then they end up laughing their heads off.dun know why)

TTG: How can you use water in the neighbourhood?
BTC: in fire engines to put out fire
TTG (respond immediately) : Your neighbourhood got fire everyday is it?

TTG: How can u conserve our water resource?
BTC1: dip your head in the toilet bowl to wash your hair!
BTC2: drink more new water cos they're all sewage water!
TTG: (with the diao-ed expression) new water is not sewage water!they're treated already!
BTC3: then stick a straw into the drains and drink sewage water, then the gov no need spend money to treat water!

and then all the BTCs continued to laugh their heads off
and poor TTG remains diao-ed..


4:44 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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