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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hi all,

guess most of yall are either busy with conquering heaps of assignments and deadlines, or experiencing intense detestation of a place you have no choice but to be at..

so you must be wondering why i can have time to blog..ha..well obviously the ultimate procrastinator is doing her most enjoyed hobby of procrastinating -_-

Just to share a lil’ of my thoughts.heh..

Was doing some life drawing in class today, and I was thinking,
isn’t it amazing just how everything falls in place so perfectly?

Everything in nature has its own forms, and it is to us to appreciate their beauty!
I guess that regardless if u’re doing art now and will consider it as your career, or not by opening your options to do something else, it is the “eye of appreciation” that we’ve picked up throughout the 2 years with our lovely art teachers, and it’ll stay with us..

The eye to appreciate everything in its basic visual forms..

An example of works of my peers, lecturers and me for the lesson.heh

so, keep the passion in art burning!!!

4:02 PM

Monday, September 24, 2007

this is for the benefit of those who didn't manage to find time to come down, not that i think they'll find time for the blog ha.
nonetheless, look at the standard of the works!..

some of the year one's for their promos..aww

the artist for the above says he's not doing painting for sure for "A"s, cos he suck at it. *thunders*

and Christopher's car..no, its not a photograph..

though mrs neo said the year one's works still have a lot of room for improvement..i think its like so good!
so my question was, was it the medium..or the students..

and mrs neo said it's the medium!ha!

9:10 PM

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Special guest appearance (on this blog) by CW. Lol

Absent in Picture: seasheep, honou and mistywulf.

We were 3 people short to a full gathering today. Awww...and I was tellin' mel that it's time (said before few months back -_-) to have a gathering! And according to mistywulf, it'd most probably be X'mas! What happened to our picnic? Heh..

Anyway, I've once again invited our dearest towkay and mr.lucky lucky to be co-authors of our blog, so let's hope for their special guest appearance in time to come. Lol. To be more professional..


Yeah and then the next post will probably be by me (again) in a say, a week's time? Alright then, have a great weekend everyone =)

11:30 PM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Artsy Fartsy version 4!

Ok what's with black and pink? I don't exactly know...it's kinda a spur of a moment thing. Remember? Pink is the new black! And since black is the old of pink, and pink is the predecessor of black and due to the correlation between...

Alright, you get the gist.

Anyway, the cityline pic was from our Perth trip. I think it was Mr.Chia's if I remember correctly. Yup, and keep the blog active!

10:21 AM

Sunday, September 02, 2007

"You're not the only one with issues!"

Heh this reminds me of the current Year 2s. They were like calling each other emo...ha. Emo here Emo there. Emo Elmo!

12:50 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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