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Monday, June 29, 2009

For the Art Farts who dun have facebook...

heh we *almost* had a full attendance... bcos Zirui could have make it if her bro din get H1N1 from Melbourne and the whole wun kena Home Quarantine Order... hope her bro is ok and her family is safe and healthy! Chong Wu was the camera man... and Chang Yang...... we hope to see u soon ya! :)

9:54 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

So...it's holidays now...i finally had motivation to do a wee bit of cleaning up...
thus...half a year aft our trip to japan...here are de photos +_+
i'm only putting up de more interesting stuff...if u wanna see feng jing, go mel's flickr.

as mh posted (very much) earlier, de bear bear tat yt n i were stupidly trying to catch
if i remember correctly, we spent ard 1500yen to no avail...n later on i saw it on sale for 2500yen

delicious yummy scrumptous cinnamon melts brought to you by mcdonalds

i think mh posted le...but i'm juz not happy
y cant sg mac have such things too...hmph

photo of mel throwing up leaves, taken aft many many many tries
mh, unfortunately, was not able to get a nice take.
as for yt...i think she was shivering behind

geisha at gion. we spotted quite a few. but cldn't capture them on camera in time.
they walk damn fast. n i mean damn fast.

here's a nice one =3
look closely =)

Here is the Famous

they have a stone at each end of de pavement, supposedly, you're to walk from one end to de other with ur eyes closed.
so we concluded tat u're supposed to 非常不小心的fall, and de one who catches u will be ur fated one

mh wanted tis photos for her friends in need.

do you see de name of de store?

tis is not exactly interesting...but i have to mention it!
mesmerising, melts-in-ur-mouth ribs from shutters.
i realised there's a shutters in sg, but dunno if they sell de same thing

tat spastic-looking thing(mh says so =<) is a bacteria.

so cute~! haaaaaaa~

tower whereby couples go thru n de color tat lights up symbolises de state of their relationship.
mr & mrs neo got a rainbow light-up! woot~

mh n cy also went thru...but i dont remember their color...hmmm

fat pikachu.

me n yt's visit to jump festa
check out de amazing crowd. tis is from abt midway of de exhibition hall.
so there's another sea of heads on de other side.

ice cream musuem~!

unagi flavor!
there were loads of weird and cool flavors like egg, beef tongue, miso ramen, tulip, lavander!
of cos we were not adventurous enuf to try de outragous flavors.

mel with her super black ice cream.
u wun want to knw wat's inside.

tis is a window.

The End.

11:12 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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