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Thursday, April 20, 2006

hey hey... sorry to those who thought i was going to go to tj on THURSDAY... hehe coz i didnt... change of plans... will be going down in MAY... most prob the first week... coz i want to give the heng and neo their goodies... so if you guys wanna come down and have a share of the sakura (only available in spring) and green tea flavoured mochi... you can come down... or it'll just go around the ppl who are there... hehe... and of coz... i have sakura-cha... tea from sakura blossoms... ooh lala... reminds me of the time when i had a cup of sakura-cha after my hot spring dip... hehe... so those who arent working... pls come... coz we've got lots to go around...

11:28 PM

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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3:31 PM

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3:19 PM

sakura! somewhere near lake ashi (ping he gong yuan) Posted by Picasa

3:16 PM

Monday, April 17, 2006

*hem hem*

art tee/jacket is in the making and we need everyone to well.. have a say in it.. of cos we'll go with the majority!! but so far this discussion is between cw,sk,yt n myself.. and we tend to like gothic stuff.. blah blah..

cw,yt,sk wan the art tee/jacket to be a white hoodie (if i'm not wrong) with zipper in the middle.. but i wan a black pullover! so.. majority how? oh please may everyone else wan a black pullover!!

anw.. i was asked to do some chibi drawings of the art clan.. this is JUST A SKETCH!!! so critiques are NOT welcomed! (unless there are glaring errors.. and if u think u can do better.. than each of u can go draw urself.. i'm sticking to drawing chibi mh.. cos chibi mh looks cuter than the real mh)

*click for bigger image*

mrs neo is on the extreme right.. i left a blank there for me to add in mr heng later.. i cant seem to draw him well.. =3 gimme somemore time to draw..^_^ oh yes.. and i coloured myself cos i'm narcissistic. thank you.

1:30 PM

Friday, April 14, 2006

hi peeps, finally it's book out day. i'm really quite lucky, cos usually 1st 2 weeks is confinement week and you're not allowed to go home. but since it's good friday...woohoo~~

PT WARM-UP in there is like 1 PE period in tj, so you can imagine how the whole PT is like. but the vigorous training is still ok, cos you know at least ur efforts will pay off...but i'm just super uncomfortable with the language they use inside. i hear at least 100 f-words, 50 knn, 30 kbkb, and 40 ccb etc. a day.....=x and they talk so obscene stuff that i'm so super turned off. but i guess that's life in there. no wonder they say people get corrupted in army, i'm not surprised.

and at the end of the day, they say it's for your own good. I see.

10:06 AM

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

yay! it's my turn to blog about some ting sweet!!!!

yt said sth on sunday that well.. sort of made me feel..

"We are not just friends -- we are family!"

oh yes we are! when was the last time ur friend scolded u and u shrug it off.. thinking he/she scolded u out of concern? i dunno about u la.. but the last time when one of my frens told me off, i din talk to her for a few months.. and according to yt, if someone tells her off, she'll slowly inch away from the person and eventually make sure there will no longer be any traces of herself in the person's life.. but she noes that we scold/nag at her out of concern. "oei yt stop eating cup noodles!" "hey! u are banned from using the com!" and recently, when i describe how i fared for my smu interview, most of my frens told me its ok.. i shouldnt worry so much.. it's not as bad as it sounds.. etc.. but yt told me straight in my face: "u really screwed ur interview! (or sth along that line) u shl have seek my help and i'll give u a trial interview before u went!" lol.. oh well.. i'm sure i'll feel so hurt if some other ppl tell me that i'm dead!

group hug group hug!!!!

4:17 PM

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i've never failed feeling nostalgic after our gathering eveytime.
this gathering is one where there's almost full attendance..except for neo and melody..
really love the way we crap things whenever we're together..may it be eating or painting the mural..the way we're still so bonded after As..
was discussing with yt all those things that happened that kept us together..and how our friends will awe at our long long everlasting friendship..
i was telling yt i dun have a particular clique in tj..and that i have only close friends here and there..then she said..yeah me too..art people is my only clique..and we both come to the conclusion that this is the clique whom we have had fun with all these two years.and we really hope this closeness will stay till death do we part.muahah..
k..too exaggerating...
As yt and i were discussing..we can both visualise how we can stay in contact even when we're married with kids..ha..then we were also saying things will definately change after the 7 gals got into uni and know more friends..and the guys get to army..and worse still if some are going overseas...well..
what i want to say is..we have had wonderful and beautiful memories..which will all be kept within our hearts..
but cannot stop..cannot stop meeting...keeping up with each other..keeping contact with one another..
even if the mural is finished..all the guys went army..and the girls in different school..and the teachers taking new batches..we shall stay bonded till forever..
mrs neo once said..we're a bubbly bunch whom she really enjoyed teaching..the care and concern we shared..she look forward to teaching another bunch like this..but she said alas it'll never be the same again..she'll watch the video when she miss us..so sweet right..

hee...so ya..xiang qin xiang ai ba...:)

11:38 PM

Monday, April 03, 2006

*hem hem*

since i'm the one in charge of monetary issues.. i'm be calculating the pay.. and since $2000 is the allowance.. your pay will be calculated according to the ratio of how much time u put into the project to the total time each and everyone spent on it.. so i shall assume it is ok that i add the total time spent on the meeting to the time spent on painting.. meaning: i dont differentiate meeting time n painting time and add the hours up.. set ar?!

so here's the total meeting time for each ppl.. it is based on the total estimated meeting time i posted on 23 feb.. pls refer to archives..

zr 15.5h
cw 2h
mel 7h
wj 13.5h
sk 15.5h
cy 13.5h
yt 15.5h
mh 13.5h

pls let inform those blur blocks who do not visit this blog and ask them to check.. if there's any discrepancies pls let me know.. i thank you for ur kind attention.

5:12 PM

The Art People

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                         Ah Wu


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