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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i've never failed feeling nostalgic after our gathering eveytime.
this gathering is one where there's almost full attendance..except for neo and melody..
really love the way we crap things whenever we're together..may it be eating or painting the mural..the way we're still so bonded after As..
was discussing with yt all those things that happened that kept us together..and how our friends will awe at our long long everlasting friendship..
i was telling yt i dun have a particular clique in tj..and that i have only close friends here and there..then she said..yeah me too..art people is my only clique..and we both come to the conclusion that this is the clique whom we have had fun with all these two years.and we really hope this closeness will stay till death do we part.muahah..
k..too exaggerating...
As yt and i were discussing..we can both visualise how we can stay in contact even when we're married with kids..ha..then we were also saying things will definately change after the 7 gals got into uni and know more friends..and the guys get to army..and worse still if some are going overseas...well..
what i want to say is..we have had wonderful and beautiful memories..which will all be kept within our hearts..
but cannot stop..cannot stop meeting...keeping up with each other..keeping contact with one another..
even if the mural is finished..all the guys went army..and the girls in different school..and the teachers taking new batches..we shall stay bonded till forever..
mrs neo once said..we're a bubbly bunch whom she really enjoyed teaching..the care and concern we shared..she look forward to teaching another bunch like this..but she said alas it'll never be the same again..she'll watch the video when she miss us..so sweet right..

hee...so ya..xiang qin xiang ai ba...:)

11:38 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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