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Monday, April 17, 2006

*hem hem*

art tee/jacket is in the making and we need everyone to well.. have a say in it.. of cos we'll go with the majority!! but so far this discussion is between cw,sk,yt n myself.. and we tend to like gothic stuff.. blah blah..

cw,yt,sk wan the art tee/jacket to be a white hoodie (if i'm not wrong) with zipper in the middle.. but i wan a black pullover! so.. majority how? oh please may everyone else wan a black pullover!!

anw.. i was asked to do some chibi drawings of the art clan.. this is JUST A SKETCH!!! so critiques are NOT welcomed! (unless there are glaring errors.. and if u think u can do better.. than each of u can go draw urself.. i'm sticking to drawing chibi mh.. cos chibi mh looks cuter than the real mh)

*click for bigger image*

mrs neo is on the extreme right.. i left a blank there for me to add in mr heng later.. i cant seem to draw him well.. =3 gimme somemore time to draw..^_^ oh yes.. and i coloured myself cos i'm narcissistic. thank you.

1:30 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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