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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

yay! it's my turn to blog about some ting sweet!!!!

yt said sth on sunday that well.. sort of made me feel..

"We are not just friends -- we are family!"

oh yes we are! when was the last time ur friend scolded u and u shrug it off.. thinking he/she scolded u out of concern? i dunno about u la.. but the last time when one of my frens told me off, i din talk to her for a few months.. and according to yt, if someone tells her off, she'll slowly inch away from the person and eventually make sure there will no longer be any traces of herself in the person's life.. but she noes that we scold/nag at her out of concern. "oei yt stop eating cup noodles!" "hey! u are banned from using the com!" and recently, when i describe how i fared for my smu interview, most of my frens told me its ok.. i shouldnt worry so much.. it's not as bad as it sounds.. etc.. but yt told me straight in my face: "u really screwed ur interview! (or sth along that line) u shl have seek my help and i'll give u a trial interview before u went!" lol.. oh well.. i'm sure i'll feel so hurt if some other ppl tell me that i'm dead!

group hug group hug!!!!

4:17 PM

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