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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hear hear.
this is the final list..btw year1s, 2s and 3s (us) will be there..

estimated no. of ppl going = 30.
budget set by towkay= $300!

anw, got anymore suggestions?

cw, cy - drinks 8 x 1.5l (pls go settle among urselves wad to buy)
ys - otah (shall we get 40?)

yt, sk

  • fishball, sotong ball(1 packet), sausage(50 bah), marshmellow (2 packets? 3?)
  • chicken wing (2 packets)
  • chicken chop, pork chop
  • satay - mel (shall i order 100 chicken and 50 pork? should be enough for 30 ppl? each one 5 sticks. ppl who dont like BONES can eat more... hehe i will ask them to deliver.)
  • butter, honey
  • utensils
  • paper plates n cups
  • charcoal - sk
  • sweet potato (a few for bbqing), corn(lets just get 8 then. since jy nothing much to eat. she can eat 2 herself... haha.), apple (LETS NOT GET APPLE!!!)

sweet potato salad - mel (for all the vege lovers like me!! and jy...)

garlic bread - any objections? (jy can eat.)

beehoon - who was it who said can get beehoon?? dont put meat okie!!! jy got nothing to eat.

mh - grill, bbq pit, tongs, ALUMINIUM FOIL.. maybe stingray (do you guys really want stingray? coz i suggested buying from hawker. though will be more ex. but i scared the stingray turn out to be STINKray instead. like my father always buy.) n sotong n prawn.. see budget first..

comments comments pls.. no comments? guai. *sayang*

-proudly brought to u by The Art Department 04/05

btw the teachers' day presentssss how?!

8:13 PM

Thursday, August 24, 2006

okay the food list i came up with.. any suggestions pls say n make sure i noe.. if i nv write a name beside the food means nobody (volunteer) to buy so far.. this is not a confirmed list anw..

  • fishball
  • stingray.. need ppl to marinate.. - melody?
  • sotong
  • chicken wings - yt
  • chicken chop.. for a particular person who cant stand bones... *stares at dan*
  • pork chop *stares again*
  • prawn
  • satay - melody
  • otah - ys?
  • bee hoon.. we cook little bit la..
  • sausage - yt
  • marshmellow - yt
  • butter
  • honey
  • brush
  • paper cups, plates, utensils (art room got anot?)
  • drinks
  • sweet potato* (mel u sure u wan to make sweet potato salad?!)
  • corn*
  • apple*
  • charcoal - sk
  • grill - mh
  • tongs - mh got... but oso need for charcoal i dunno got anot

*this is for some ppl who say bbq is not a bbq without these items (and in the end never eat and waste some person's parents money... *stares*)

if i dun get enuff help i'll cater outside food.. i not free.. my fri end at 4:30pm.. btw.. we use tongs for food hor.. dun need skewers la.. ma fan..

- proudly brought to u by The Art Department 04/05

4:43 PM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


okay.. i need help with the food.. feel free to suggest anything or any food.. but u bring! YAY! i realised my parents not as free as last time.. they now need to take care of my niece cos my sis 3 mth's leave is over.. so yea.. help help ppl... watch this space for updates.. Miss Lestat is not free now..

-proudly brought to u by The Art Department 04/05

11:32 AM

Monday, August 21, 2006

this is the video.. if it dun work.. den cry..

no wait.. try this link first..


if it dun work again.. den cry..

11:42 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i think about the art family sometimes... like all the lessons and the fun we've had together... but something happened today that made me feel that i really miss being in the tj art department...

well as usual... we have lots of assignments to hand in... lots of progressive marking deadlines to meet (like when mrs neo says "i want to see 5 pgs of your coursework prep next week!")... well... yeah... so it goes like this... last week... sewing lecturer says "next week i want to see your works and i'll give you a progressive mark"... then we go *gasp* and we rush rush rush to do the sewing stuff done and paste them nicely on A4 pieces of paper so that we can put into an A4 ring file... okie... then we have a piece of work thats FAR too big to fit into A4... so i sms like my "best friend" in the class and ask her "how you paste your miniature skirt into the file?"... and she goes "oh i havent paste. coz so-and-so says the progressive marking is postponed. not tmr"... it was like... already in the late evening... like 5pm? which means i spent the whole day like doing the stuff that wasnt urgent... oh crap...

so today when i went to school... i asked her... in a VERY NICE TONE... "hey... how come you never tell me earlier that the marking is postponed arh? i sms you then you say... then if i never ask you then i wont know lah?" guess what she said... "its not my job to tell you." wah lao... i was damn pissed off lah! so i shot out... "so you dont care that a friend is there chiong-ing her stuff like crazy when she dont have to lah?" i didnt bother listening to her explanation...

it suddenly occurred to me that maybe i'll never get as close a group of friends as you guys... i mean... we were like a family... we didnt need to go around and say... hey you inform who who who hor... all we needed was like to msn someone and the news would spread around... like automatically... or like we take the initiative to inform others of outings or whatever... anyway how much would like an sms cost? or even to forward a msg to your 2 closer classmates is that difficult meh? its like... she knew it from another classmate DELLY... (fellow indonesian) who took the initiative to inform her the previous night... so if DELLY also said "its not my job to tell you" she wouldnt have known it herself too... it just made me realise how selfish she can be... (you know what i'm trying to say right?) did it have to do with the fact that she was like the rich pampered girl from indo and didnt have to do much by herself? sigh... ren2 xin1 ge2 du4 pi2...

oh well... cupcakes!!!! i'll try my best to bake enough cupcakes to go around!!! chocolate cupcakes with peppermint icing!! ooh la la! right now i'm frustrated about transporting them around... coz obviously frosted cupcakes cannot be stacked... and if cannot stack how many boxes do i have to use to contain all cupcakes?!?!! time to do some maths... (dont think jc differentiation and or whatever will come into play... whatever did we learn those )*@73^(%$*)@&%^ formulae for?!)

8:46 PM


Mrs.Neo would be in school this Saturday from 2pm, and we're planning to have a mini art gathering! The year 2s would be around so we can get nosy and see what they're up to, heh, and shun bian help them if they need to.

Anyway, we can have a mini party?? Or a get-together-painting-session? or something koooool. all i can thing of now is food...so yeah. Heh.


1:53 AM

Thursday, August 10, 2006

my first drawing of a model wearing something lol... okie lah... a bit shitty...but still quite proud of it... i have mixed feelings over this drawing... haha... and i used my new colour pencils... which means i am 100 bucks poorer...

11:22 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Greetins me(pls pronounce it n de rest of 'me's as mi(3)--rice grain) hearties~

me sort of came up with a art logo....eh its in black white n grey...well me hav no idea where we wanna put in on de jacket or even if u guys wanna use it anot...hmm btw de thingy in de centre is an abstract of de word 'art'...try to figure it ya...me am trying to get another design for our jacket out but not so soon ya...me cant find my stupid photoshop disc so only can hand draw...super slow ah....yeeps....

olaa...good day to ya...

10:07 PM

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                         Ah Wu


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