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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hear hear.
this is the final list..btw year1s, 2s and 3s (us) will be there..

estimated no. of ppl going = 30.
budget set by towkay= $300!

anw, got anymore suggestions?

cw, cy - drinks 8 x 1.5l (pls go settle among urselves wad to buy)
ys - otah (shall we get 40?)

yt, sk

  • fishball, sotong ball(1 packet), sausage(50 bah), marshmellow (2 packets? 3?)
  • chicken wing (2 packets)
  • chicken chop, pork chop
  • satay - mel (shall i order 100 chicken and 50 pork? should be enough for 30 ppl? each one 5 sticks. ppl who dont like BONES can eat more... hehe i will ask them to deliver.)
  • butter, honey
  • utensils
  • paper plates n cups
  • charcoal - sk
  • sweet potato (a few for bbqing), corn(lets just get 8 then. since jy nothing much to eat. she can eat 2 herself... haha.), apple (LETS NOT GET APPLE!!!)

sweet potato salad - mel (for all the vege lovers like me!! and jy...)

garlic bread - any objections? (jy can eat.)

beehoon - who was it who said can get beehoon?? dont put meat okie!!! jy got nothing to eat.

mh - grill, bbq pit, tongs, ALUMINIUM FOIL.. maybe stingray (do you guys really want stingray? coz i suggested buying from hawker. though will be more ex. but i scared the stingray turn out to be STINKray instead. like my father always buy.) n sotong n prawn.. see budget first..

comments comments pls.. no comments? guai. *sayang*

-proudly brought to u by The Art Department 04/05

btw the teachers' day presentssss how?!

8:13 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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