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Thursday, July 06, 2006

(sorrie.. in a Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-2-is-coming mood! )

anw, everytime Miss Lestat posts someting.. its always about some news.. so here it goes...

this is to remind u ppl about the art jacket. it has been in talks for ages. its so art ppl to procrastinate. so its up to me to spank ya asses!! wahahaha.. com'on ppl wake up and start doing something!!

actually it was sk who reminded me abt the art jacket.. and i thought since i did my part in drawing the cartoon caricatures of u guys alr den maybe she shl design something for the jacket.. but we also thought cy is the guy who is good with photoshop so maybe he should do cos he can come up with something we all like (such as the layout for this blog).. but then nothing is happening... ...no discussions.. no designs.. no nothing..

soooo... i've got an idea! (well.. just an idea la.. dun lak den dun like la.. dun me too hard on me ya.. heh.) i shall make this thing more interesting by giving this task a name and call it... *drum rolls*


*yay!! waves pom-poms*

and of cos the prize is (if u dun alr know).. ur winning design will be choosen for art jacket!! *yay*

ok ok .. so i'm crapping.. my idea is that we doing something like what we did for the mural.. each of us draw sth u like.. sth u wan on the jacket.. sth that is unique to u.. wadeva.. its abt urself!!

then that's where the magic comes in (ahahaha.. i sound weird.. reminds me of some strange public speaker or something like that).. after each of us have drawn what we would like to have on the jacket, each of us will put it all into one nice big picture/design just like what mr heng did for the mural.. (of cos if some lazy bums never submit anything then u think wad the person like and u do draw that something in the design lo..)

say.. there's a skull in one corner of the design.. and all the stuff near that corner is just black and white.. (like bats? barbed wires? etc all black n white) then some where in the middle of the design is abit more colour.. den the opposite corner is all the right cherry colours which brings out what the rest of u all like (like flowers and butterflies etc).. and then maybe some splattered paint here and there.. kinda like a transition from gothic, gloomy stuff to bright happy stuff.. get wad i'm saying?!

so what say u?! if u like my idea then let's start working!! deadline?! uh.. i noe art ppl barely stick to their deadlines.. but i really really hope we can get our jacket by this year end.. den we can give towkay n heng heng as xmas present! XDD

9:42 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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