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Monday, August 09, 2010

04/05 Dinner Gathering at HOUSE

Date: 13 aug, friday (its friday the 13th!)

Time: 7.30pm!

Place: Barracks Cafe @ House (8D Dempsey Road, general map here and map of dempsey hill here) you can view their very exciting (imho) menu on their website. i reserved outdoor dining

How to go:
By Public Bus - 2nd bus stop after the gleneagles/botanic gardens. Mouse over the yellow bus-stop signs on the map above to find out what buses go there. quite a walk from the main road so wear sensible shoes! and if you get lost, you can ask the "guides" around the place for blk 8D or House. i think they wear a special polo tee.

By Shuttle bus
- dempsey hill has a shuttle bus service, but i'm not sure if it's free since i've seen "minimal rate" being mentioned somewhere on googled results. service schedule here

By taxi
- it's self explanatory.

Please don't be too late! since there might be a certain few people who have to work the next day! if you're there early, they have a bookshop/spa upstairs. so you can explore. =)

2:40 PM

Monday, August 02, 2010

It's a wrap! :D
Thanks for coming and see u next yr (if i cant make it to xmas party again this yr)!



neohengs & hengneos.

31 July

+ stayover.

interested parties pls apply!

Miss Evinrude and Miss Lestat are organising! :D


watch this space for updates!


confirmed + staying over:
- mh (duh!)
- mel
- sk
- zr (not staying over)
- wj (maybe not staying over)
- ys (stayover?)
- yt (stayover?)
- ivan
- kk
- jh
- bh

stayover activities:
- mj
- card games
- drinking! (somebody pls buy the booze. we'll split the bill)
- board games (courteousy of my bf): risk, and other strategy war games that nobody has heard of

ok i've order from bbq wholesale the following: (pls refer to attachments)

the rest (sweet potato/potato, salads and other fresh vege stuff etc) will be bought from ntuc (thanks mel & sk)!

drinks ($15 budget) (thanks hengneos)!

please feel free to feedback us if there's anyting u wanna get but we include in our list bcos its OUR BBQ! :DD

budget : we try our best to cap at $15 per person, subject to changes when we actually buy the food.

how to get there:
buses available: 2, 5 only.

if taking towards changi village (bus 2) or pasir ris interchange (bus 5), pls alight at the stop after The Japanese School. u will find urself beside a condo - Elderweiss. pls cross the road and walk towards the blue factory (Best World International) which is opposite the bus stop. walk along Jalan Bena, then Jalan Pernama. yours truly stays at 8 Jalan Pernama.

if u're taking cab, tell the uncle u're going Changi Prison. XD but turn into Jalan Bena after u passed by The Jap School. Jalan Bena is beside the blue factory (Best World International). turn right into Jalan Pernama.

4:15 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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