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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

... Posted by Picasa

11:43 PM

actually i have no idea why i need to put captions... and yeah... i wonder if i'm doing it the correct way... Posted by Picasa

11:41 PM

thats us!! Posted by Picasa

11:40 PM

wahahaha!!! finally something good happens to me!!! i like my hair colour... woohoo... okie lah... perhaps it isnt very obvious at the ends... but my fringe kinda rocks... lalala... okie if anybody sees me and thinks it isnt nice on me... pls tell me truthfully okie... coz i also feel like going to highlight!!! perhaps after the trip... kekeke

11:03 PM

today's just isnt my day... first i got stuck outside my home coz i stupidly left my keys in school... and i had to go all the way back there to collect it... and something bad (you-know-what) happened again... and there i was stuck outside my door screaming down the phone and behaving like a mad woman... even after i got to bugis... i bought this plate of nasi padang that cost me 6 dollars literally... coz i clumsily dropped a dollar coin into their curry vegetables and i couldnt get it out and the plate of mutton curry and tofu and curry vegetables with rice was 5 bucks... which i could have bought easily with 2 bucks at the hawker centre opp tj... i was so f*cking pissed off... even until like at night someone poking the straw into a cup of bubble tea could literally break the plastic covering and spill in all over my hair, face and clothes... who's gonna ever be so unlucky in less than 24 hours... i even told mh and sk that i'm so suay i could even get bombed on the bus by some stupid ah nuai terrorist...

i spent like 100+ bucks over all my stuff today... and i still have stuff to buy... can you believe it..? i'm feeling so guilty over my awesome expenditure i kinda think i shouldnt have bought those capris... i still have like a pair of pumps and other stuff to buy... lord save me... i need more money... i should start selling stuff from my closet if i dont want it...

i'm just so sad... like... i'm jinxed or something... =(

btw... a msg from neohengheng... no food stuff can be brought over to aust... which means... no maggie mee... no cup noodles... no mineral water... no chilli sauce (and even chilli powder)... no ketchup... nothing that you eat can be brought over... i even have to ensure that my water bottle is dry so that i can bring it over... reason... i dont know... i dont really wanna bother about this right now... coz i just want to lament about my bad day... they probably are afraid that we might bring bad stuff such as bacteria, viruses and carcinogens over... like maggie mee due to the deep frying could have acrylamide coz asparagine and the reducing sugars inside combined during maillard's reaction to form that carcinogen that ppl use in plastic making... mineral water could contain stuff like benzene that leaked out from china's factories... chilli sauce could contain monosodiumglutamate (msg/aginomoto) thats gonna cause allergies... and chicken powder in the cup noodles contain strands of H5N1 which will ultimately result in an avian flu epidemic among the aussies... whatever it is... just dont bring anything that you eat...

i know comments like i'm flooding the blog might be put up... but i dont care... nobody's gonna spoil my day further... its bad enough... (or is it not)

9:04 PM

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

haha... today's freaking boring... was stuck at home coz something happened... but its over so lets not talk about it... i didnt go shopping neither did i go swimming... like wtf... all i did was being stuck at home... come on ppl... i need shopping kakis... i need FEMALE shopping kakis... pls... be more enthu... PLS!!! lets go shopping tmr... i dont wanna miss out my turn for shopping for new clothes for the aussie trip... tmr and thurs!!! SHOP!!! oh and i'm gonna bake a cake on thursday... bring to the airport on friday as midnight snacks for you guys... since we're gonna get stuck there for like 3 hours?

yeah... xiao bai's missing... jingyi even called me and informed me about it... my reaction was so...? partly coz i wasnt in the mood but also coz i dont picture me rushing down to tj to look for the rabbit... he's been greedy... and havent we seen him along the fence area at the canteen gate the other time we went in for art coursework on sunday..? who was it who said "i love animals... they're delicious..." come on... maybe he's better off running around the school... and probably risk being run down by a reckless driver in a hit and run accident like the cat wen jie mentioned... what can we do..? dont tell me we're gonna whip up some rabbit search thing over these few days before we leave for aussie... i wanna do bigger things!!! its not that i dont like the rabbit... he's cute... like his nose twitching all the time and smelling the wild flowers and clover that i pick for him and feed him with... he even ate a cupid's shaving brush... (wenjie was afraid he might get poisoned by some unknown phytochemicals or pigments found in it... probably some carotenoids or chlorophyll that resulted from mutated gene expression...)

come on guys... fuss up... he might come hopping to us tmr morning... probably coz he smells something nice we would bring for him like xiao bai cai or carrots and apples... or maybe he might appear in our dreams with wings and hopping (and flying) about around the clouds with other fellow rabbits that have passed on...


10:41 PM

yooooo...super sian day...was dragged to co by dear ivan and also cos i miss playing cello....only to get myself so bored.(on the day after my exams ended..ha..a bit no life sia)..haha..but the conductor was friendly and nice..like as usual..haha...then had quite some fun with juniors..haha..except from the boredom..it was a great feeling to be back in the co room...hee..

Xiao bai's missing!!...arg...the first thing i started picturing..was that its happily eating some wild flowers and grass outside the container classrooms..(for its a super greedy one) ...or maybe went to the toilet..and get himself stuck in the toilet bowl...( for its a ben tu)...or..maybe some rou jiang would be found on the road tonight?..then by the time dawn breaks..only a sheet of fur is left...jus like the cat mrs neo saw and avoided that time..diao...okok...choi choi..hope its guai guai in the cage when we go school tml.. ( for he can be very guai at times..hee..miss him man..)ha..well...maybe he left for a better life elsewhere...jus like sai ong shi ma...it may not be bad afterall..

hee...to whoever who reads this..happy day tml..^_^

8:59 PM

aiyer so quiet de... sigh... haha first thing i thought of cy being daniel is the foogly ct we have... wahahhahahahaha!!! you can be friends with him cy... i think this site not very user friendly leh... dont know lah... maybe i dont like to blog bah...

12:53 PM

why mh and mel so pessimistic one...we like jus started a few days ago you think will have many many entries ah..lol. anyway the rest haven come in yet. what's taking them so long...LAGGING.

lol! anyway i really think harry potter today was damn good, ok maybe not for those who didn't really understand the plot. i was expecting mh to cry until rot when cedric died...well she didn't. heh.

and i'm like so super glad A's finally over. but then again, like feel so empty liddat. no passion, no purpose, no drive. wahaha.

ahem, melody dun anyhow associate loh, i'm more shuai. -_-

heh...can't wait for aus trip!

oh yeah, and i'm broke. deconstructed.

12:17 AM

Monday, November 28, 2005

lol.. and the yr 1s hv their own blog too! im so amused.. din expect any yr ones to visit here.. anyway this blog is quite dead sia.. eh sian how come i cant change the template?! >_<

8:26 PM

Friday, November 25, 2005

yohoooo..ha.jus here to make some noise...why only two people here.very boring leh..ha..look forward to see the teachers' entry..ha..since this blog is named after them...they should be here.ha..but mrs neo's modemn spoilt...arg...ha..got add mr heng not huh....ha..

sick day...pmsing the whole day...ha

maybe someone is right...art people are weirdddd...ha...maybe not excluding that someone..ha
well...whoever who sees this...have many great days ahead!..:).

jia you jia you for monday's art ya..we can do it de!

heeeeeeeee ^_^

10:15 PM

Thursday, November 24, 2005

hey guyzzzzzzz....our very 1st blog is upppP! ha...please talk and talk and talk as much as you can. i'll try to come up with a new layout after the art paper, if i can get a copy of ps at home, that is...haha, so meanwhile please tolerate this dottified fuggly layout, heh.

well, to begin with, hope we can stay in touch after jc years with this blog...then can update each other on the latest gossips, wahaha.

keep this alive yeah!

11:32 PM

ha..hi people...yeah i'm the second!!ha.so exciting.never blog before..ha.ulu sia...and i don't know cy's called daniel..omg.so obiang..tsk tsk...lol.

10:53 PM

Testing testing...

9:40 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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