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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Chrismas Party
Date: 23rd Dec 2006 (Saturday)
Venue: Mandarin Gardens Function Hall
Food: Pot Luck. Pls let me know what food you think of bringing and I'll put it up on the list so that we wont have overlapping of food items.

UPDATE! (As of 22th Dec 06)
- Mrs Neo has requested for everyone to get a santa hat for the party! yes the red hat with white faux fur trim. according to mrs neo its 2 bucks and can be gotten at watsons.
We have decided to have you guys make 2 pins instead of a astonishing 30. so yup one would be for yourself and the other one we'll put into a basket to let ppl choose from or you can simply just go exchange with other ppl. so get ready your 2 pins! you can make more if you want.

- For gift exchange, we're going to have you guys pick out your giftee. and we're gonna probably split into 2 groups (year 3s and year 2s) and (Year 4s and year 5s) OR just across one level group, ie year 5s will exchange gifts among themselves, year 4s, so on. this is so that you will know your giftee well enough to know what to get for him/her! but we havent confirmed attendance so the "lucky draw" for your giftees will not be able to take place just yet but soon enough for you to get your presents ready!! Gifts are tabbed at maximum of 10 bucks!

- For FOOD, budget would be 10 bucks per person. so for example if all year 3s are going we'll get $90 worth of food. and the way you're gonna get the food ready is up to you to decide so... you can either work like the year 2s, who all pool in money to get kk's mum to cook, or just go single and get your own food item to the party!


Carbo Monsters
-Year 2s (fried rice)
-Year 5s (pizza)
-Jia Yi (egg mayo sandwiches)

Primary Consumers: Herbivores
-Year 2s (Prawn Salad & Cream of Broccoli soup! so cool!)
-Christine & Rachel (dont know what salad. but its salad)

For the Carnivores
-Year 2s. (Chicken wing mid joints in dark gravy)

Itchy Fingers(food)
-Miss Evinrude (savoury tartlets)
-Mrs Neo (assorted sushi)

Sweet Decadence
-Miss Evinrude (tartlets)
-Beta D (pastries)
-Year 4s (Choc fondue)
-Seasheep & Daniel (apple crumble)

Bottoms Up
-Year 5s (non alcoholic, ie soda or syrup)
-Mr Heng (booze!!!)

Attendance list
Year 5s: Wee Sheung, Witono, Kun Lei & Veronica(gf), Wesley, Shu Rong, Pei Pei (7)
Year 4s: Han Nee, Dong, Yazid (3)
Year 3s: Ming Hui, Siang Kee, Zirui, Melody, Wen Jie, Chang Yang, Ying Tong, Yueshan (8)
Year 2s: Kar Keat, Jia Hui, Jing Yi, Ivan, Tingxi (5)
year 1s: Jiayi, Christine, Siru, Christopher, Wan 'something' =x (i'm sorry i forgot), Xinlan, Wei Lin, Rachel (8)

9:28 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

After Halloween, comes Thanksgiving! So enough of scary photos! its time to give thanks to god for providing us (okay, maybe only me) with precious EYE CANDY! YES!

^^ joo ji hoon is hot! HOT HOT HOT! (bod, smile, everything!)


additional information: well... sk asked who's joo ji hoon. sooooo... i should be a good girl and provide her with the PRECIOUS information of hot guys around living on the surface of the earth. if you havent realised this is the FIRST ever time in my 19, coming on to 20, years of life that i've ever been so OBSESSED! the fact is i cant get joo out of my head right now (esp after watching the last episodes of goong and looked through some of his runway and commercial modelling photos). ah! i think i'm quite dead. someone shoot me!

p.s.- to really realise how hot he is, you'll kinda need to look at many more photos and also watch goong(because i dont know how he is like in real life, i'm quite satisfied by putting his face together with his goong persona). that one photo doesnt do him justice. but then again i didnt think you guys would want me to flood the place with JOO(s) all over. Thank you for allowing me to have this space. your kind accomodation is greatly appreciated. =)

As on 13th Nov 2006: ok. hot enough now?! i dont care! dammit! dont say he looks like a pimp anymore ok! he's super hot and super cute! BOTH HOT AND CUTE! *just let me force this idea onto you for ONCE lah!*

-the end-

11:06 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

i see that no one is posting! so i'm going to! but its gonna be a very short one!


-the end ^^-

9:19 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006


*laughs self silly*

wait till u see zr and yt!!!!!!!! *guffaws* (if sk uploads the photos here that is)


ADM Halloween Party took place on 3 Nov Fri night.
Dress code: "Dress up or come in green"

p.s. this photo is taken using a hp + lighting was bad. had to use photoshop to bring out the colours. haha.

p.s.s. uh.. i din dress up cos i was lazy la.. and we did NOT do our own makeup.. we got our friend to help.. cos she brought her makeup kit! and she was the one who won Best Dressed that night.. haha..

12:48 AM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

think the only thing that keeps me going is the dec hols now!and of cos the trip we've been discussing..ah!!!!
now is the killer period where all assignments deadlines are like crushing down all together into my already pathetic life in nie...
to make matters worse...my lecturer is just sucky...
we had an assignment to do a series of minumum three AO sized work, with what ever medium. So everyone had to go for the compulsory consultation to present our ideas and sketches to show our development to him..
so i went..and i presented a few sketches of the possible way of presenting my idea..and then i tol him what i like and what i'm gonna focus on doing..well..he sort of doubted my ability to choose on my own and wanted me to do according to what he wanted....then i told him: but i dun quite like this idea...and he went: but we're considering the acdemia side of art now...so u have to perform visual communication well...ur artist statement must be obvious.
which means: ur artist statement should be conveyed fully when the viewer sees ur work. It must not be hidden!like huh?
then he ask me to think seeper and assumes his ideas are the most complex ever...

and guess what...the irony is: the theme for the series is self portrait!
i'm not a complex thinker to start off. This is such a desperate attempt to find meaning in whatever u're doing...this is curbing creativity!..
so i suppose a large percentage of his marking criteria goes to how well the student is able to keep on blabbering about his work, even though he may not find any reason to draw anything in the first place!

i hate people to force their ideas on me. Freak the freaking lecturer....
what a fixed minded ART teacher!

well..but my mum says i'll understand all these when i become a art teacher..and she says i'm rebellious to think my lecturer's forcing ideas on me..
guess i just have to do according to what he wants...
for the sake of better grades...

great days people..
blog more eh

3:32 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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