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Sunday, November 12, 2006

After Halloween, comes Thanksgiving! So enough of scary photos! its time to give thanks to god for providing us (okay, maybe only me) with precious EYE CANDY! YES!

^^ joo ji hoon is hot! HOT HOT HOT! (bod, smile, everything!)


additional information: well... sk asked who's joo ji hoon. sooooo... i should be a good girl and provide her with the PRECIOUS information of hot guys around living on the surface of the earth. if you havent realised this is the FIRST ever time in my 19, coming on to 20, years of life that i've ever been so OBSESSED! the fact is i cant get joo out of my head right now (esp after watching the last episodes of goong and looked through some of his runway and commercial modelling photos). ah! i think i'm quite dead. someone shoot me!

p.s.- to really realise how hot he is, you'll kinda need to look at many more photos and also watch goong(because i dont know how he is like in real life, i'm quite satisfied by putting his face together with his goong persona). that one photo doesnt do him justice. but then again i didnt think you guys would want me to flood the place with JOO(s) all over. Thank you for allowing me to have this space. your kind accomodation is greatly appreciated. =)

As on 13th Nov 2006: ok. hot enough now?! i dont care! dammit! dont say he looks like a pimp anymore ok! he's super hot and super cute! BOTH HOT AND CUTE! *just let me force this idea onto you for ONCE lah!*

-the end-

11:06 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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