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Thursday, November 02, 2006

think the only thing that keeps me going is the dec hols now!and of cos the trip we've been discussing..ah!!!!
now is the killer period where all assignments deadlines are like crushing down all together into my already pathetic life in nie...
to make matters worse...my lecturer is just sucky...
we had an assignment to do a series of minumum three AO sized work, with what ever medium. So everyone had to go for the compulsory consultation to present our ideas and sketches to show our development to him..
so i went..and i presented a few sketches of the possible way of presenting my idea..and then i tol him what i like and what i'm gonna focus on doing..well..he sort of doubted my ability to choose on my own and wanted me to do according to what he wanted....then i told him: but i dun quite like this idea...and he went: but we're considering the acdemia side of art now...so u have to perform visual communication well...ur artist statement must be obvious.
which means: ur artist statement should be conveyed fully when the viewer sees ur work. It must not be hidden!like huh?
then he ask me to think seeper and assumes his ideas are the most complex ever...

and guess what...the irony is: the theme for the series is self portrait!
i'm not a complex thinker to start off. This is such a desperate attempt to find meaning in whatever u're doing...this is curbing creativity!..
so i suppose a large percentage of his marking criteria goes to how well the student is able to keep on blabbering about his work, even though he may not find any reason to draw anything in the first place!

i hate people to force their ideas on me. Freak the freaking lecturer....
what a fixed minded ART teacher!

well..but my mum says i'll understand all these when i become a art teacher..and she says i'm rebellious to think my lecturer's forcing ideas on me..
guess i just have to do according to what he wants...
for the sake of better grades...

great days people..
blog more eh

3:32 PM

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             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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