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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

yo peeps, jus a lil song to push you guys on in whatever you're doing, or just to brighten up your day. =)

Lullaby for a Stormy Night
words and music by Vienna Teng

little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though thunder explodes and lightning flash
illuminates your tear-stained faceI am here tonight

and someday you'll know
that nature is so
the same rain that draws you near me
falls on rivers and land
on forests and sand
makes the beautiful world that you'll see
in the morning

little child, be not afraid
though storm clouds mask your beloved moon
and its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though wind makes creatures of our trees
and their branches to hands, they're not real, understand
and I am here tonight

for you know, once even I was a little child, and I was afraid
but a gentle someone always came
to dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears
and to give a kiss goodnight

well now I am grown
and these years have shown
that rain's a part of how life goes
but it's dark and it's late
so I'll hold you and wait'til your frightened eyes do close

and I hope that you'll know...

everything's fine in the morning
the rain'll be gone in the morning
but I'll still be here in the morning


6:46 PM

Sunday, June 18, 2006


bad news ppl:

I counted wrongly the amount of $ we shl get for the mural.

uh.. cos i counted the time wrongly.. SORRY ZIRUI!!!! sorry sorry sorry sorry...!!! cos the timesheet was abit messy.. and my handwritting is ugly.. and there were paints over hear n there.. and the paper was abit crumpled.. and i was abit lazy to count again.. =x *meep*

so i recounted everything using microsoft excel.. last time use my calculator only.. oh pls forgive me ppl!!! pls pls pls...

zr 55 7/12 h = $ 159.76
cw 64 h = $ 183.96
mel 15 h = $ 43.11
wj 56 1/2 h = $ 162.40
mh 131 1/4 h = $ 377.25
sk 129 1/2 h = $ 372.22
cy 37 1/12 h = $ 106.59
yt 81 1/6 h = $ 233.30

minus last time's value.. which is:
$ 82.07
$ 201.24
$ 45.74
$ 172.27
$ 391.03
$ 385.70
$ 113.07
$ 247.48

balance is:
zr = $ 77.69
cw = $ (17.28)
mel = $ (2.63)
wj = $ (9.87)
mh = $ (13.78)
sk = $ (13.48)
cy = $ (6.48)
yt = $ (14.18)

uh.. so we owe zr 77.69.. pls return zr wadeva amount u suppose to via atm (or wadeva la).. heh..


6:53 PM

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

looks like I"M E ONLY ONE POSTING!!!!!..just like what jy's doing over at hengneoneo....

anw...mrs neo said i should post a big


to people who've attained the syf gold award based on their course work...
they are Dan..and miss lestat!...
wee...mrs neo proposed that we go down to the prize presentation to celebrate this joyous moment...

ha...and to celebrate the rest who've gotten the honourable COP!!!...ha...(decipher urself...)

well....maybe its just luck....
(ah bish bish)...:p

11:07 PM

Monday, June 12, 2006

arikalifurisumahom hom hom...

=good health and happiness for everyone..a new spell i just created while chanting by the beach (pathetic ecp).....to curse all germs that'll cause discomfort in our art gang...and everyone around us...and for those forever sickly...to recover soon...waha

awwww....i'm such a sweet gal........

ok....this is crap -_-//

9:26 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006


okie i look fat in that pic...

quan jia fu!!!

look at my boots! sobz...

haha i think mh trying to make stupid face...

10:59 PM

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                         Ah Wu


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