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Monday, February 27, 2006

fufufufu....i'm slacking off on my first day at work...cos there's nothing for me to do!!! i love this job man....it's so slack...all i have to do is print labels n stick them...n its so freaking high paying...wohohohoho*evil laughter*
anyway i still wanna go to da zoo...anyone pei me leh...MH...WJ...its only at jurong...not vry far la...like goin to ntu or nus like tat only ma...go la go la....got alot of new animals to see wo...

11:54 AM

Friday, February 24, 2006

attention! attention! 1 announcement frm mrs neo...10th march got tis video workshop...mrs neo askin some professional to share on how to make a gd video...will be a afternoon session...who's interested??

err...tis is personal...who wan to go zoo with me~~~ i wanna go c de wolves...n white tigers....

9:54 PM

Thursday, February 23, 2006

*hem hem*
2 announcements
i dunno why but mr heng asked me to record the total duration of our past n future meetings.. i guess he thinks that i'm the secretary *glares at melody*.. oh well since i wasnt at yesterday's meeting.. i cant clarify with mr heng.. then again.. i forgot wad job i was assigned to do..

okay so here it goes.. our total no. of meetings n duration.. correct me if im wrong cos i din write down ath cos i thot that the job of the secretary.. so the secretary suppose to correct me if i got the dates wrong.. *glares at melody again*

the following meetings were to discuss mainly the "growth" design..

yesterday's meeting, art room 2, 22/2 wed. 4:30-6:30pm (cos wj say meeting 2 hrs) ppl present: wj, yt, sk, cw, zr.
yt grandma hse cum steamboat dinner: 11/2 sat. 3.00-6.00pm (we were eating lunch.. we officially started work aft cy came.. cant rmb the time.. heh..) ppl present: wj, sk, yt, zr, cy, mh.
our meeting at yt grandma 1st time: 4/2 sat. 2:30pm-6.oopm. (i cant rmb wad time meeting start but i rmb we suppose to meet at 2pm) ppl present: mr heng, zr, wj, sk, yt, cy, mh.

the following meeting were to discuss our preliminary ideas aka "underwater dream world" n "magic school bus"..

25/1 wed. rachel was suppose to come that day. we meet at 6pm right? we left at 8pm? ppl present: mr heng, sk, yt, cy, zr, wj, mel, mh. ??
wed.. that day sch close v late cos got parents come izzit? i only rmb the buffet n sushi.. heh.. ppl: zr, wj, cy, yt, sk, mel, mh.
meeting at city hall bk.. started at 6 (?) - 8pm.. ppl: mel, cy, zr, sk, yt, mh.
scope meeting cum picnic.. was it our 1st meeting? meeting 1 hr? date cant rmb.. ppl: wj, cy, zr, mel, sk, yt, mh.

therefore total estimated hours clocked for all the meetings: 15.5 hrs

okay.. pls comments!!

2nd announcement..

i just went to a paint shop n the lady gave me 3 paint catalogues!!!! she say when we've decided wad paint to buy then call her n ask for the price!!!!!so next meeting when???

end! my sis pissed liao.. gtg work!!!!!

9:21 AM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

something eerie's happening to me at the office... something's super wrong with my excel workbooks... its like... in my entire workbook which i have to update for my bosses... there's only 2 sheets... but when i say print entire workbook... it comes out as 7 sheets... 5 out of which is something that i have never seen before... as in i never even knew there was such a thing...

okie... then my mother told me about hidden worksheets... which i thought might be the problem... so... i decided to try it out today at office... BUT THERE"S NO HIDDEN WORKSHEETS!!! dammit... its just NOT there... but when i print it out... its right on paper in black and white... ahhHhHhHhHHh...

and its not about me printing the same file over and over again... its about printing different workbooks... but it just keeps coming out... the exact same thing... like print workbook A... (@#%&$&)^) comes out... and print workbook B @%^#$** comes out... except when i print single sheets which occurs when there's only one sheet in the workbook... *(#^@%#% doesnt come out... (i have no idea why that *&^#$@& is a link)

and to top it off... that 5 pages are complete waste of paper!!! they're like super misaligned and like pages have only one column or just 2 words kinda thing... wtf... nothing happened before this week... like friday i was doing from index A - G... now its H - M and only now it happens... AHHHHHHH... -_- i need to get to the bottom of this...

7:53 AM

Monday, February 20, 2006

btw, PLEASE SUPPORT CHONGWU's SISTER GAO MEI HUI in CAMPUS SUPERSTAR! (tonight at 8pm) must vote at least 5times! only 3bux(60cents each) cheap cheap okie. (:

jiayou jiayou jiaaaaayou.

9:47 AM

i heart BBQs!

soooo fun.

but i feel so fat now. abit less chio already but nvm.

work hard pp! (:

ps: KK, its C-H-I-O-B-U, not bobo! *SMACKS*

9:35 AM

Friday, February 17, 2006



guess who?

it's The Pretty Babe on da block!


I HOPE U GUYS R ALL DOING GREAT!! i misssssy ya'all alot alot.

MUAK! *(:

11:30 PM


1) it is confirmed that ys is not coming for the bbq.. cw not confirmed but he said he is most likely to come!

2) so.. sk rmb to bring cw's present hor.. haha.. and the rest pls rmb to bring the ball ball for sk to secure wadeva that has become of it..

3) for the satay n otah.. maybe u guys shl buy abit more le?? i dunno.. u all decide.. dun buy too much or else waste $$ n food.. as for the salad.. mel wad vege u wan me to buy?!? i only know how to make potato salad.. so.. shl i go ahead with it? cos i need to buy stuff le.. or i just make a little bit?? if no demand or reply i dun make le!! =P

shit just got caught red-headed for doing this during work!!!! =P

4) one last annoucement!! as u all know cw's sis is in the revival round for this coming monday campus superstar 8pm.. so if possible, pls show her ya support! haha..

end of annoucements

10:15 AM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ok...round 2 *ding ding*
now de back not so complicated already....
n observe de right side flowers...got difference one hor...which one better?

1:31 PM

Monday, February 13, 2006

reckon i shld juz post it here....
rite...de rainbow backgrd is juz a tryout, vry crudely done...to fulfil wj's wishes...if u all think its fine den i'll refine it...

10:03 PM

allow me to let you drool again... lamb chops... Posted by Picasa

8:49 PM

baked potato with sour cream and bacon... Posted by Picasa

8:45 PM

yo people..looked forward to the bbq!.wee..nice gathering again..anyway..can give me the approxiamte time u all can send rachel proposal two..hee..later she chase me for it again..ha..i sms say wednesday..can?..
anway..now rotting in the staff room..decide i should just skip assembly-review of the Os results together with this relife teacher..ha..and the school stupidly added one more period to my timetable today..so "yay i have four periods in a straight row from 1030 till 1430!!its so exciting!" -_-// sickening..so ya..i should skip assembly to save energy for my four hour battle which commences soon....ha.and ya..not to remind myself of the As results..opps..just reminded u all of it...ha..
if u're thinking why i can blog now..in the staff room..ha..its cos i change my table!..to somewhere not that prominent( now i had that new teacher who took over that super no privacy table complaining to me..)ha. this table is jus so peaceful..and personal ..and private...and its near the staff lounge..ha..the thought of copping milo with creamer whenever i feel like excites me..waha..
oh well...great day everyone!..take care till we meet again..
happy valentine's in advance...i love u guys..hee

8:04 AM

Sunday, February 12, 2006

yay bbq~!!!!

okay my house is at Upper Changi Road North, 8 Jalan Pernama... just right beside Changi Industrial Estate.. only hv bus 2! (oso got bus 37 la but u alight in the industrial estate n walk to my hse.. or bus 29 which is 4 stops away from my hse) anw for bus 2, just alight one stop after The Japanese School.. some really ulu bus stop.. which is also one stop before Changi Prison (so if u see Changi Prison u noe where u've passed my house le)..

so time i set 5pm?! ppl confirm coming: zr,wj,yt,sk,cy.. not coming: ys..
cw and mel nv reply.. so re asap so i'll noe how much food to prepare.. lol.. btw.. u all buy satay n otah k! i think satay get abt 30 sticks.. otah (the small one i mean) abt 20? yt buying marshmellows too.. so i leave it for u all to arrrange la.. lol..

abit ys being mia.. she's currently working on 6 day week from11:30-9pm.. totally not free on fri-sun especially.. dunno wad she workin as.. waitressin? not sure.. =x

okay that's abit it! end of report! *clap clap* u all are dismissed!

9:28 PM

Friday, February 10, 2006

LOL!! guess who i drew?!!!!

-___-;; i hope u guys can guess it right.. i was trying to capture someone's fave gesture..

i uploaded this on deviantart too.. ^^ cheers!!

11:33 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mmm... i'm still struggling between like fashion and interior... still dont know what course to take... was looking at curtin's courses too... like same number of years as lasalle... and like nafa closes registration so soon!!! how am i going to choose anything man... i wish i was still in tj... then could talk to neo and you guys... help me evaluate!!!

anyway... i was trying to pack my forever messy table (as usual)... and decided to put all the stuff you guys gave me into a girl guide cookies' box... haha... yeah... i couldnt help but read everything once again... and guess what!!! hahaha wj... more and more errors are jumping out at me... lol... okie nvm... i shall stop here... btw... the heart is too big for my cookie box... so i'm trying to squeeze it in... hehe...i miss perth days... and coursework days... okie i know i've been saying this SO SO many times... but hey... nothing i say's gonna help... coz i really miss those days...

btw... i checked out that there's gonna be a lasalle open house on 11 and 12 feb... its from 1200 to 1600 would anyone want to go with me on saturday the 11th..? there's things like fashion shows and simple workshops such as interior design workshops and exhibitions... come on... wont harm to take a look right..? =) and besides you guys hardly see me on saturday!!! hehe...

6:46 PM

i tink blogger dun lak me it so sucky to me okay i need to slp le.. i posted lak at least 3 times finally successful.. i email mr heng le btw..

2:50 AM

Monday, February 06, 2006

okie... so i'm going to be honest... i was too lazy when i got back home to go jog... sigh... but i did do some exercises like crunches and stuff... =
i was thinking about the mural thing... i quite like the elephant... and the star thingy... which i thought was the starfish... but maybe it could be a bit fatter... and i was wondering if you guys gonna paint like in 1 or 2 saturdays or sundays... i'll join you guys... =) i wanna do stuff with you all again... i miss staying till late night in school to do art stuff...

i was also thinking about uob... hehe... you guys wanna join..? i feel like joining... just that i dont know what to do draw...

you ppl seem to know what you wanna do after getting results know... i still dont know which course i wanna take... like fashion or interior... and i still wondering if i should go overseas... so i was checking out curtin's courses... this is such a headache... and i also dont know how to discuss with my mother!!! bleah... sian...

anyway... i was thinking about getting a blog of my own... so i want to ask how did you guys change the blog skin..? like my sister she d/l one skin and edit till it becomes her own... did you do that too..? or started from scratch? if started from scratch... how to upload as a blogskin..?

oh... xiao hai bu ben 2 is so nice... okie to me... damn funny at first then at the back its damn touching... i keep crying... and even my contacts fell out... and the 2 boys... super shuai lah... lol... i sound phaedophile... but hey... they are shuai okie... but of coz like always its a must to be able to understand hokkien to watch... it wont be the same if you read the subtitles...

5:59 PM

X_X ok.. so far i did this.. comments comments.. tml still got work.. X_X

2:22 AM

Friday, February 03, 2006

whoa when did everybody start getting nostalgic and become reminiscent. Lol.

anyway, i'm feeling the cny aftereffects. mostly negative. To begin with, the sorethroat and the fever and the outbreak and the skinrash. damn my sensitive skin. ARGH.

I wanna have a bubble around my head too, like our animals in the underwater dream world, then put all the acne cream and gel you can find in the bubble and permanently soak my face in it. WTH. It's cracking up like nobody's business.

this cny has been the quietest for a long long time. and i suppose it would get quieter in years to come. s'pose it's cny minus the school celebrations and alma mater-visiting. oh well.

1:43 AM

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm de one tat really nv blogged for a long time le...suddenly 心血来潮 den post smth lo......
feeling super 感伤 now...juz chiong finish 《仙剑奇侠传》...one word to describe it -- sad...urm make tat two words -- damn sad...near de end so distressing la....all de good guys juz die one by one...all 壮烈牺牲...u imagine like a grp of really really gd frens...den in de end left only one...oh sigh *teardrop*+*tear music* y nowadays all de shows i watched not a single one is happy ending one...although happy ending sometimes quite fake but at least wun make de audience feel so grieved la...if i cry easily like wj n mh think i would hav cried at least a hundred times already.......
hope we dun end up like de show's ending wo...of cos no one will 壮烈牺牲 la...but scared we'll juz start becoming strangers after some time...ok tat sounds damn depressing...think happy tots, happy tots.......


10:53 PM

i was going to say that i havent blogged for a very long time... then i just realised i blogged on new year's eve... haha... oh well...

this morning it suddenly dawned on me that i havent been drawing for so long... its like working and stuff... and ever since we came back from perth havent been doing much art related work... like intensively... esp like during coursework time... how we keep on doing experiments... and drawing and painting for paper 2... kinda miss it... so i decided... after my current job assignment... i'm just gonna go do everything thats arty... go draw and paint... and do handicraft... like the balls sk made... btw... the book is The Temari Book... so if you guys wanna borrow youll know what to look for... and perhaps i'll drop by tj every now and then so that i could carry on doing art in the art room... like how i always did... yeah... so many things i wanna paint... i wanna paint so many of the photos i took in perth... and some that you guys took... =) that'll be so fun... once again...

i'm gonna carry on baking too!! haha... well... i dont know who's gonna finsih my cake for me... but i'll just bake... hehe... i'm blogging during lunch coz today very sad... those that i normally eat with all went out to eat coz the nearby stalls are not open for them to ta bao back to the company... so i'm here alonea t my table eating my peach and green apple and sesame seed paste... haha... well... i seriously miss drawing...

12:12 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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