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Monday, February 13, 2006

yo people..looked forward to the bbq!.wee..nice gathering again..anyway..can give me the approxiamte time u all can send rachel proposal two..hee..later she chase me for it again..ha..i sms say wednesday..can?..
anway..now rotting in the staff room..decide i should just skip assembly-review of the Os results together with this relife teacher..ha..and the school stupidly added one more period to my timetable today..so "yay i have four periods in a straight row from 1030 till 1430!!its so exciting!" -_-// sickening..so ya..i should skip assembly to save energy for my four hour battle which commences soon....ha.and ya..not to remind myself of the As results..opps..just reminded u all of it...ha..
if u're thinking why i can blog now..in the staff room..ha..its cos i change my table!..to somewhere not that prominent( now i had that new teacher who took over that super no privacy table complaining to me..)ha. this table is jus so peaceful..and personal ..and private...and its near the staff lounge..ha..the thought of copping milo with creamer whenever i feel like excites me..waha..
oh well...great day everyone!..take care till we meet again..
happy valentine's in advance...i love u guys..hee

8:04 AM

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                         Ah Wu


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