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Sunday, February 12, 2006

yay bbq~!!!!

okay my house is at Upper Changi Road North, 8 Jalan Pernama... just right beside Changi Industrial Estate.. only hv bus 2! (oso got bus 37 la but u alight in the industrial estate n walk to my hse.. or bus 29 which is 4 stops away from my hse) anw for bus 2, just alight one stop after The Japanese School.. some really ulu bus stop.. which is also one stop before Changi Prison (so if u see Changi Prison u noe where u've passed my house le)..

so time i set 5pm?! ppl confirm coming: zr,wj,yt,sk,cy.. not coming: ys..
cw and mel nv reply.. so re asap so i'll noe how much food to prepare.. lol.. btw.. u all buy satay n otah k! i think satay get abt 30 sticks.. otah (the small one i mean) abt 20? yt buying marshmellows too.. so i leave it for u all to arrrange la.. lol..

abit ys being mia.. she's currently working on 6 day week from11:30-9pm.. totally not free on fri-sun especially.. dunno wad she workin as.. waitressin? not sure.. =x

okay that's abit it! end of report! *clap clap* u all are dismissed!

9:28 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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