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Thursday, February 23, 2006

*hem hem*
2 announcements
i dunno why but mr heng asked me to record the total duration of our past n future meetings.. i guess he thinks that i'm the secretary *glares at melody*.. oh well since i wasnt at yesterday's meeting.. i cant clarify with mr heng.. then again.. i forgot wad job i was assigned to do..

okay so here it goes.. our total no. of meetings n duration.. correct me if im wrong cos i din write down ath cos i thot that the job of the secretary.. so the secretary suppose to correct me if i got the dates wrong.. *glares at melody again*

the following meetings were to discuss mainly the "growth" design..

yesterday's meeting, art room 2, 22/2 wed. 4:30-6:30pm (cos wj say meeting 2 hrs) ppl present: wj, yt, sk, cw, zr.
yt grandma hse cum steamboat dinner: 11/2 sat. 3.00-6.00pm (we were eating lunch.. we officially started work aft cy came.. cant rmb the time.. heh..) ppl present: wj, sk, yt, zr, cy, mh.
our meeting at yt grandma 1st time: 4/2 sat. 2:30pm-6.oopm. (i cant rmb wad time meeting start but i rmb we suppose to meet at 2pm) ppl present: mr heng, zr, wj, sk, yt, cy, mh.

the following meeting were to discuss our preliminary ideas aka "underwater dream world" n "magic school bus"..

25/1 wed. rachel was suppose to come that day. we meet at 6pm right? we left at 8pm? ppl present: mr heng, sk, yt, cy, zr, wj, mel, mh. ??
wed.. that day sch close v late cos got parents come izzit? i only rmb the buffet n sushi.. heh.. ppl: zr, wj, cy, yt, sk, mel, mh.
meeting at city hall bk.. started at 6 (?) - 8pm.. ppl: mel, cy, zr, sk, yt, mh.
scope meeting cum picnic.. was it our 1st meeting? meeting 1 hr? date cant rmb.. ppl: wj, cy, zr, mel, sk, yt, mh.

therefore total estimated hours clocked for all the meetings: 15.5 hrs

okay.. pls comments!!

2nd announcement..

i just went to a paint shop n the lady gave me 3 paint catalogues!!!! she say when we've decided wad paint to buy then call her n ask for the price!!!!!so next meeting when???

end! my sis pissed liao.. gtg work!!!!!

9:21 AM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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