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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

why mh and mel so pessimistic one...we like jus started a few days ago you think will have many many entries ah..lol. anyway the rest haven come in yet. what's taking them so long...LAGGING.

lol! anyway i really think harry potter today was damn good, ok maybe not for those who didn't really understand the plot. i was expecting mh to cry until rot when cedric died...well she didn't. heh.

and i'm like so super glad A's finally over. but then again, like feel so empty liddat. no passion, no purpose, no drive. wahaha.

ahem, melody dun anyhow associate loh, i'm more shuai. -_-

heh...can't wait for aus trip!

oh yeah, and i'm broke. deconstructed.

12:17 AM

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