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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

yooooo...super sian day...was dragged to co by dear ivan and also cos i miss playing cello....only to get myself so bored.(on the day after my exams ended..ha..a bit no life sia)..haha..but the conductor was friendly and nice..like as usual..haha...then had quite some fun with juniors..haha..except from the boredom..it was a great feeling to be back in the co room...hee..

Xiao bai's missing!!...arg...the first thing i started picturing..was that its happily eating some wild flowers and grass outside the container classrooms..(for its a super greedy one) ...or maybe went to the toilet..and get himself stuck in the toilet bowl...( for its a ben tu)...or..maybe some rou jiang would be found on the road tonight?..then by the time dawn breaks..only a sheet of fur is left...jus like the cat mrs neo saw and avoided that time..diao...okok...choi choi..hope its guai guai in the cage when we go school tml.. ( for he can be very guai at times..hee..miss him man..)ha..well...maybe he left for a better life elsewhere...jus like sai ong shi ma...it may not be bad afterall..

hee...to whoever who reads this..happy day tml..^_^

8:59 PM

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