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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

(Network was down when I wrote this…guess what I did…of cos the smart gal is capable of thinking something new: to write into the newly installed Microsoft word and copy and paste…-_-)
and the smart gal rem her password despite no having blogged here for eons!

we were off to choc foundue on 27th. The so called art outing(which mh insisted it to be called) only comprises of sk, yt, mh and me...but we were glad we have each other...no one was known to be chocoholic.It was a try out session... So, as expected, it was quite a disappointment.

Things that were there:
1) A chef who’s there to cook hot chocolate with milk and choc chips that reminded all of us of Aussie’s choc factory.
2) very very nice tiramisu (my fav dessert) in a mini cup form.

3) Many many delicious looking tarts, and chocolates that looked better than they taste bleah…

4) One fondue machine, together with some pathetic variety of fruits: there’s only water apples, honeydew, pineapple, and marshmallows. Where’s all the strawberries la…grapes la..?Trying to scrimp right u! whose name shall not be mentioned over e blog…

5) Some pudding displayed in different presentations but taste all the same! and cherries used were those preserved kind!

Total conclusion…it was a waste of time and money!
Well. its not Fulleton my dear.

We were all craving for salty food, one of us even suggested that there should be a choc and chicken buffet and it’ll all be perfect.ha. We strolled down Chinatown with the attempt to find dumplings. The feeling was akin to the supper we’ve had after finished painting the mural over at HPB. In the end we settled for dim sum at this ulu restaurant and missed out the place-to-be for dim sum-tian jing lou..
Nonetheless, it was a great supper.

1:48 AM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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