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Thursday, January 26, 2006

no wonder melody nv receive any emails.. all the mural boards tingy were sent to melan_tea@hotmail.com... okay latest email for those who may not see it... vvv messy la.. so i just paste here.. heh.. ^^;;

From :

Sent :

Thursday, January 26, 2006 4:12 AM
To :
Heng Swee Kiang , melan_tea@hotmail.com, mistywulf@hotmail.com, ongminghui@hotmail.com, wooyingtong@hotmail.com, aug27_wen1987@yahoo.com
CC :
Chee_Ming_LIM@imh.com.sg, Janet_QUEK@imh.com.sg, IMH-FPD@nhg.com.sg, Daniel_FUNG@imh.com.sg, Kim_Seck_YEO@imh.com.sg, Mei_See_Ting@imh.com.sg
Subject :
Fw: CGC mural - preliminary ideas

Dear Swee Kiang & TJCians,

I apologise for not being able to meet you up yesterday evening as I was really busy finishing up some urgent tasks.

I am glad you have had a fruitful discussion time yesterday. A pity I missed Swee Kiang's sharing about his 'dragon' mural. Sounds impressive... must see it next time. I am sure he has given lots of valuable comments for the preliminary designs for CGC-HPB mural too.

As spoken, you can expand on the 'udw' idea. The 2 child psychiatrists heads have given their approvals for this round of preliminary design proposal.

My comments :

  • Be careful of blank spaces when you enlarge the drawing to fit actual wall size. Work on details. Eg, can try using lines, dots, shapes, shades, etc to create different effects, so that picture compositon would not appear so flat.
  • Probably can introduce some more new elements to create complexity?
  • Work on relationship between the animals and their surroundings.
  • Bubbles seem to be 1 group of important element here... besides encircling the animals' heads, what interesting things can they perform? Beautiful patterns? Bubble within bubbles idea that transports one into a dreamland?
  • Are you keeping with the current style of drawing, i.e. cartoonish style? Make it semi-abstract? (Swee Kiang, you were sharing with me about your idea of injecting chinese painting style, right?)
  • Come out with colour scheme

Overall, I think it was a good start!
It is heartening to hear that you are very passionate about this job.
I really hope to meet up with you soon to discuss about the mural and anything about art or psychiatry or IMH!
(As I do not have the email addresses of all the students, pls help me disseminate to them.)
Ps: I've got little arty gifts for all of you from bkk... hee...


----- Forwarded by Rachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG on 01/26/06 11:01 AM -----
----- Forwarded by Daniel FUNG/PSYC/IMH/NHG on 01/25/2006 06:30 PM -----

Dear Rachel

I am ok with the designs....but let's get Dr Cai's approval...Dr Cai: Any preference? I think the underwater one is cute but your call

Your time line is ok

DanielRachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG Rachel LOW/FDS/FPD/IMH/NHG 01/24/2006 06:10 PM To Daniel FUNG/PSYC/IMH/NHG@NHG, Kim Seck YEO/AS/IMH/NHG@NHG, Mei See TING/CC/IMH/NHG@NHG, Tenny CHOW/MMD/IMH/NHG@NHG cc Chee Ming LIM/FPD/IMH/NHG@NHG, Janet QUEK/FPD/IMH/NHG@NHG, IMH-FPD, Helena Tan/SS/IMH/NHG@NHG Subject CGC mural - preliminary ideas

Dear Dr Daniel & Kim Seck,

The art students from TJC has submitted their 1st design proposals (files 'asb', 'asb 1' & 'udw'), concept write-ups and cost estimate. Please view submission via link below:

S:\Common\Facilities Planning & Development\CGC Mural\TJC art students

I find the design of 'udw' has got more potential. The idea of giving a twist to the underwater world is refreshing. It transport one into a dream-like world of a child where land animals can exist underwater.
Ideas are at preliminary stage. If you have no objection, I will ask the students to develop the 'udw' design.
Appreciate your reply by tomorrow (25/1/06) afternoon if possible. I would be meeting the art students and art teacher tomorrow evening at TJC.

Mei See:- Keeping you in the loop... If this job is well done, we could engage the students to produce more murals in IMH compound, as part of our effort to destigmatize IMH's image. The students would also be happy and proud to 'own a space' at IMH. It's a good way for us to indirectly exposing their young minds to mental health and mental institution too.
Tenny:- We have dicussed about the possibility of engaging the students without going through 3 quotes (for all commercial projects) as we hope to treat the job like a community project.


7:56 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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