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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


okay peeps. i'm here to do an update on our japan trip.
i think we have to plan how many days we're going to go, but we'll set it at about 2 weeks? non? so we'll dedicate 1 week to tokyo, and cy will have to bring us around! and then another week to the kyoto, osaka and nara area.

i'm going to list down the attractions that i thought would be good to go and then you'll decide if you guys wanna add in or take out anything alright? going to japan will NOT be the same if you don't go to temples and shrines. so i'm more towards the cultural aspects of travel but i know you guys wanna eat your way around / shop your way around.

tokyo (cy pls intro more!)
- asakusa (it's like the old town of tokyo. attractions: sensoji, dempoin dori)
- akihibara (otaku heaven)
- yokohama (2nd largest city of japan. world's largest chinatown)
- nippori textile town (ITS A TOWN that sells fabric!! MUAHAHA. apparently on the other side of the nippori station is a place that is retained like the old EDO/tokyo called yanaka *check here and here*and seems quite charming to me. wanna go? depending on how much time we have lah? hehe coz i have a feeling i might use up 1 day at the textile town.)
- ghibli museum (we should marathon all the ghibli animations one of this saturdays! i haven;t watch howl's moving castle leh!! stay over again! =D)
- tokyo tower? do you guys wanna go?

* there's this fish market (tsukiji fish market) that they say is a great place to go for sushi breakfast. hahaha. i don't know if you guys wanna go around the mt fuji area. which is hakone. it's more scenic and it's famed for the onsens (hot springs) which again i dont know if you guys wanna go. i've been there and it's quite a beautiful place, but it does depend on the weather and because i was there in spring, i'm not sure about it in winter.

kyoto/osaka/nara (because they're very near each other)
- kiyomizudera (UNESCO site. the old town like streets leading to the temple has a lot of great stuff!)
- gion? (we might be able to see geishas?)
- todaiji (in nara koen with wild deer! ahaha.)
- osaka castle (i haven't been in there, only outside and at night. but the city lights from the castle look like HDB in sg!!)

* we might want to go down to koens (garden/park) or even down to himeiji. himeiji castle looks more spectacular than osaka castle but it's 1h away from osaka and kyoto.

we need an open jaw ticket which will allow us to arrive in tokyo narita airport and depart from osaka kansai airport. seems like there's budget hotels for backpackers that have branches in tokyo and kyoto areas and they've got quite good reviews. check them out here and here. and there's this bus service that operates at night. so its bed and bus and you'll be travelling overnight which i think might help save accomodation and time. read more here.

of course we would wanna go shopping! so in tokyo we're looking at either shibuya, shinjuku or ginza and i'd definitely wanna go buy fabric! in osaka/kyoto area i'm still not sure but will check out more.

i also think we shouldn't pack the itinerary too full since we'd wanna be able to walk around the place and explore. non?

PS. all the names of the attractions are links. click to find out more.

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