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Sunday, February 24, 2008



Special Edition: Of Chinese New Year's, Valentine's and 21st birthdays.

"I can't believe it, it's issue #3!"
-ardent reader

Editor's Ramblings

With the surge of happy occasions to celebrate in the recent month, how could we not bask ourselves in the Über festive season, and take the opportunity to indulge in good food, good company and good fun? Read on to see the exciting happenings that took place.

The host, the birthday girl

Don't be deceived, my friends. The art farts are ostensibly eating fish ball noodles..but no! They were, actually, having a sumptuous steamboat feast with home-made dumplings by evinrude.mel and delicacies like pig's liver, kidney (a distant "eeewwwwwww" was heard) and a spread of steamboat ingredients prepared by ms-lestat.mh!

The latecomer, tsk tsk

Rumour was it that she (aka honou.yt) would arrive ETA (estimated time of arrival) 2230, but she reached in a taxi by 2100! *claps* (psst, 2 hours after the rest arrived)

All art farts and our beloved readers, you don't know what you're missing out!

This was a special blend made using big blocks of semi sweet dark chocolate, expired fresh cream, fresh meiji milk, together with equipment like a huge chopper, a chopping board and lots of tissue paper. Don't ask. But the end-result was OMG. Many thanks to Jamie Oliver! (alright alright, to evinrude who watched Jamie Oliver on TV)

Hungry for dessert!

Don't mind the prawn shells! It's not their fault they were there.


Mistywulf: no no, don't stop me!!! who's cares about looking good on pictures!

More chocolate please!

Preview of the cake...

Tada! Presenting to you, peach and white chocolate cake with peach topping, white chocolate ganache with almonds and icing, by evinrude.mel

The birthday girl and the cake. The birthday cake and the girl. The birthgirl cake.

Look into the camera...

Look left...can cut or not!

What you're going to see next is going to blow your mind. Something more exciting than the edison chen scandal...

THE BEN AND JERRY FAN CLUB!!! sadly just ms-lestat.mh and dan.cy. Who can resist Dublin Mudslide and Magic Brownies!

And after all the merrymaking, there was still time for a mahjong session! You don't have to guess who "hu"-ed..waha. Photographer's mel, argh, gave myself away..oh well.

And, all good things come to an end...

Mummy, it's over!!!


Up next: CNY @ Towkay's.

1:36 PM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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