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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final Update! (as of 18 December 2007)

so the xmas party is in 1 mth's time and here are some additional details that i've promised you guys. will be updating again and also will need to rope in people to help me with the organising because i won't be in singapore. i promise promise it wouldn't be as disorganised as last year =p

Date: 20 Dec (and i'm quite a goon to have set it on thurs but no choice! so army boys pls apply leave. like now!)

Time: Please start coming in at 6 - 6.30pm (keeping in mind that art activities never start on time, the we'll probably really start at about 7 - 7.30)

Venue: 7 Yio Chu Kang Terrace (which is mrs neo's place if you don't know =p)
Directions: you can take a bus from Kovan mrt, check for a bus that stops at Serangoon Swimming Complex, map here -->  http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_10035/travel_site_90883/

Additional details

Gift exchange: This year we won't allocate giftees so we'll be going back to the "lucky draw" format for gift exchange. So bring a gift for the pool! And no budgets so you could probably exceed the previous $10. But do think about how much you wanna spend on the gift, so not too expensive. =p

Xmas hat: Remember last year's xmas hat?! We'll be continuing with the *make an ornament for the hat* activity and we're telling you early so that you can have 1 mth to make something for yourself and your friends.

For the uninitiated like the year 1s and 2s or whoever weren't there last year, bring a santa hat. Make something cute, xmas-inspired and attach a device (safety pin, collar pin, velcro, last year we had clothes peg) that allows you to use it like a brooch and you can pin it onto the santa hat =)Oh and don't worry, you don't have make 40 for everyone. Maybe a couple (like 3? 4?) so that you could exchange with a few people. But of course if you wanna do some mass production of your pins pls go ahead! we'll be very happy! =p

Food: It's potluck again! We gauge attendance at about 40 so food should be able to cater to like 35 - 40. So like last year, the food budget for each person would be $10. And we'll be having the different categories again but to make things easier 1 or 2 batch(es) will be in-charge for each category. Yet to confirm. i think it's more advisable to pool in the money within the group/batch and then decide on what food to get/make/cook.

Carbs and main courses: yr4s (sushi), yr6s (pizza)
Finger food and appetizers: yr3s (fried stuff), yr1s (chicken salad & fruit salad)
Drinks: yr5s
Desserts: $30 worth of tarts frm yr4s



02/03: 6+2bf/gf (sorry i cnt remember all their names =x)
03/04: hannee, yazid, donghao
04/05: me, sk, mh, wj, cy, ys, cw, yt, zr
05/06: ivan, ym, bh, tx, kk, jh, jy
06/07: jiayi
07/08: 4

you guys have any other ideas for a different xmas party? we're open to suggestions!

2:00 AM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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