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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Restaurant Etiquettes

#1. Never be too demanding, be an eater easy on all food, especially if you wan your food to be delivered in the shortest time. (if u can't help but be demanding with your orders, find some company who are not like you)

#2. Do not ask for e server's help when he/she is back from tables with demands . U're interupting her/his thoughts and mess up everything..its rude!

#3. Do not expect servers to serve ur food like 5 minutes after taking your orders. Chefs need time to cook, and servers have no control over chefs. but if u wan your food unpresentable, jolly well hurry people.

#4. Go to a restaurant that is obviously not cheap looking, with money, especailly if you're a guy. A table of 4 guys and 2 gals asking to go on dutch when the bill comes and end up going to the ATM is outrageously a laughing stock to all

#5. Kindness begets kindness. Pay attention to server's spieling(aka intro) or get ur orders taken last. Take your pick.

#6. Save your complain if its regarding #86 items (aka dun-have-stock), cos its really freaking a fact!

#7. Do not ask too many redundant questions. If u don't know what is it, just try it out. Maybe it'll be to your preference? if its not, take it as an experience. For not all servers dine at their workplace ever, they dun know the taste

#8. Do not ask to spilt the bill when obviously u all are sitting at the same table. Jolly go out and settle yourselves after the meal.

#9. Having stupid demands like asking a western food chef to deshell your prawns will probably end u up with diarroea cos u dun know who's doing the deshelling( high prob its an ah neh cleaner). Chefs have no time for that. Western food dun offer deshelled prawns.

#10. Never ever and ever try to finish food that u disapproved of and ask for a change after u're almost done. That's bastardy..

Always smile and say thank you for all the service.Be considerate. U are not borned to be served with kindness. :P

11:51 PM

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