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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

ha.wee..finally reach here...not cos of dan's explanation..cos my interpretation sense is good k..waha..so smart!ha..ya la ya la thank u la..dun say dun have..waha..always say i fu yan u..now its my turn..bleh
anyway..went back to art room today..was quite irritated by marc's rude and whinny behaviour..ha..but when mrs neo scold him cos i say he rude...i felt quite bad..opps..ha..he's jus a child..where's all my patience..ha..maybe was jus pmsing away...and he also claimed tat he doesn't like me..and that our feelings are mutual-that we dun like each other today!!..omg..i was quite shocked when he know how to use tat word..ha..then later i hong him then okay le..he hao le..awwww..yue lai yue bu ke ai le..ha..but this wouldn't make my love for kids dimiinish..waha..

today saw xiao bai..love to see him running around..hopping here and there..with his forever-getting-fatter body..and his-forever-twitching nose(esp when he start feeding on some unknown species of grass) ha..super cuuuuutttttteeeee..!!his white fur jus sort of contrasted with the green pastures behind the container classrooms..ha..great to see him alive and kicking..i wouldn't mind sitting there the whole afternoon jus to see him run around..ha..
except for e clearing of his full-of-heaps-of-shit-that-has-already-started-decomposing cage..and not forgetting all the flies..like omg..worse than the cat bus stop in australia..swarms man..ha..but its not i clean de..lucky me..waha..sound so qian da..but..i'm sure cy-the-great will feel that its his honour to clean it for the last time cos he won't be coming back school again...waha

oh well..saw all the perth photos..feeling so nostalgic..ha..i'll be back in the art room next tuesday..to clean up the art room at the rate of 5.5 per hour..great job offer huh..wahah..u guys jealous?ha.feel so qian da again..opps..ha.
kidding la..the main thing is mrs neo say we can always drop by art room when we're free...to visit her and everything..ha..look forwardto us gathering there again..like getting ready for mrs neo's drawing games..awwww..ha..
but before that..really look forward to e gathering at cw's place..yeah...its another get together time..super excited!..wee..

have many great days ahead people!..cheers..:)

12:31 AM

The Art People

             Miss Lestat
                         Ah Wu


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